Monday, September 29, 2008

Go see it!!!

In all honesty, I don't go to movies a lot. Too many kiddo's- not enough time. But can I just encourage you to GO SEE THIS ONE. Todd and I went on a date last night (THANK YOU ADDISYN AND KEEGAN for babysitting!) and I cannot recommend this movie enough. It's so refreshing to actually see a movie with scripture and not nasty language!!! Take your spouse by the hand and GO SEE IT!!!!


Elizabeth said...

I CAN'T FIND A SITTER TO GO SEE IT!!! I have tried ALL weekend to find a sitter!! You would think that living so close to family now, we could get one, but we can't!! AGGG!! Ok, enough whining on my part...I really wanted to go see it this weekend, so hopefully we can see it before it leaves theaters!!

kim p said...

Amy, Dana and I hadn't been to a movie together in literally years, but I had heard about this one and wanted to support it, so we went Friday night. It was SOO good! I was crying through a lot of it and came out looking like a raccoon! : ) How refreshing is it to come out of a movie feeling so spiritually fed and uplifted? Amazing!! I went online and found that you can buy the Love Dare book. It looked like a great devotional that would bring about positive fruit in any marriage!