Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Candy Land with Jesus

Aleigha- "Mom will you play candyland with me?"

Me- "Sure Aleigha but can Kaden play too?"

Aleigha- "yes, you and Kaden can be on a team and me and Jesus can be on a team."

Me- "but I want to be on Jesus' team too."

Aleigha- "Okay mom He can be on both of our teams because we both need Him to win".

How did one four -year -old little girl get so smart?


Elizabeth said...

Woohoo Aleigha!! Perryn says amazing thing like that too...for example, "Mom, you know that God and Jesus are the same person." like 'duh' don't you know anything??!!

Michelle Riggs said...

I love it when kids truly get it. You are doing a wonderful job raising your children.

Jenny said...

Aleigha!!!! Girl..you are smarter than 90% of adults out there!!!! Love you! Titi