Sunday, February 3, 2013

The difference giving makes...

Today our family celebrated the 3rd Annual One Day/One Lunch event our daughter Addisyn started 3 years ago. I just adore her heart.

We went to church like most every other Sunday and were blessed by the friends who came up to us and donated their lunch money- some Guatemalans, some Americans. What an encouragement to Addisyn. I love our new church. :)

After church we chatted with some friends and then headed home...

and it began...

as it does every Sunday.

 "I'm hungry!"

 "What's for lunch mommy?"

 And it was, for the very first time , I looked into my children's eyes and said "Nothing".

 It was then that I stopped and let myself imagine what it must feel like for mothers who, on a daily basis, has to look into the eyes of her hungry children and once again say "nothing".

I could only imagine the emptiness, only imagine the burden, only imagine the pain.

Once inside our home we gathered together on the floor and I handed them a plate. I wanted them to have a visual. I wanted so very badly for them to understand. Because you see, we are so guilty of taking so many things in our lives for granted- 3 meals a day being one of them.

 We are guilty of turning up our noses when something is prepared we don't like.

We are guilty of waste.

We are guilty of indulgence.

We are guilty of excess.

We are guilty of turning a blind eye to the poverty around us.

I explained to our children that today we were choosing to go without- so that others could have.

I explained to our children that for many, an empty plate was a reality every day of their lives.

I explained to our children that its important that we walk in others shoes sometimes.

 And then we prayed.

We knelt our heads and we prayed.

We praised God for the many blessings He gives us. We prayed for the children all over the world who lived with constant hunger pains. We asked God to use us, to use our lives in a mighty way. And once again, we surrendered everything we have- even our lunch.

As God would have it,  as soon as we closed in prayer- there was a knock at our door.

 I have come to recognize that knock...

 Little hands rapidly banging on the wooden door at Village of Hope.

When I opened the door this is what I saw. :)

Rosa and her brothers have no idea that today was One Day/One Lunch. They have no idea that people all over the world were giving up their lunch because of kids like them.And yet- they too chose to give what they could.

As they handed me the tiny branches of a bush they had picked with huge smiles on their face, they too realized what a gift it is to give.

Lord, help us all to stop just a little more often and see the needs of your people. Help us with child like faith to never think our gifts are not good enough. Help us God to care for one and other, the way you care for us. Help us to be content with what we have. Help us to love. Help us to understand. Help us to be more like you.

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Shelly Roberts said...

This post encouraged me deeply. The Lord has been calling me to give something different than I ever anticipated. I never dreamed how there were deeply rooted selfish parts of my heart that I was hanging onto. It's important that we stop ... often ... and consider what we've been given and share it with others. I want to freely give ... I need the Father's help. He's so faithful!!

Angie said...

Oh my...just look at the joy on that little boy's face. A little boy who has so little, but chooses to give what he has with joy. That photo blessed me today. Thank you!