Friday, February 1, 2013

One Day. One Lunch. Feb. 3rd.

Often I share their stories...

Well, pieces of their stories.

And yet I know I fail to do them justice.

Because you see, until you have walked in their shoes,

Until you have experienced their hunger pains,

Until you have looked carried their brokenness,

There is really know way for us to truly understand.

As I sat with Rosa the other day,

As I looked into her eyes-

looked straight into her soul,

I became lost in her pain.

And most days,

I don't even know where to go from there.

She is 13 years old.

She eats dirt to stop the pains in her stomach.

She is hurting.

She is desperate.

And she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

And so once again,

I end up back where I started...

On my knees,

Begging Him to show me the way...

On Feb. 3rd people all over the world will be joining us in NOT doing lunch-

in going without ONE meal to be able to give out of our abundance to those who have nothing.

ONE meal.

That's all it takes.

  For you and I, for our Sunday school classes, our bible study groups, our friends, our family, our church- to say I CAN do something.

  Would you please join us? Feb. 3rd in not doing lunch?

And instead donate that money so that we can help them?

To give go to:
*indicate for Village of Hope- One Day/One Lunch

To read more go to:

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