Thursday, June 14, 2012

When you give- with BOTH HANDS.

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I’d like to ask you to do something for me. Real quick, right where you are, take just a minute and really look at your HANDS.

If something is in them, set it down, turn your HANDS over palms up and really look at the marvelous creation the human HAND is.

If you are like me, most days you do not give much thought about the importance of your HANDS. Yet can you imagine your life without them?

Throughout the bible ‘HANDS’ are mentioned over 1,800 times… in the beginning Jesus used his HANDS to form and shape us into His image, in the end those same loving HANDS of Jesus were nailed to the cruel cross…

And still today we place our lives in the HANDS of Jesus.

Isaiah 49:15-16 - I will not forget you...I have carved you on the palm of my HAND.

We use our HANDS to pray, heal, praise, speak, give, work, touch, hold, love and bring Him glory. They are a beautiful tool the Lord has given us to be His HANDS on this earth today.

As our team sought the Lord for ways to financially make Village of Hope a reality and glorify God at the same time- we knew it would take a lot of willing HANDS to bring His vision to completion.

And then the Lord brought the BOTH HANDS project to mind.

Both Hands is a beautiful, simple way of living out James 1:27 with your HANDS.

A Both Hands project is simply:

1. Gathering a group 15 to 20 people. (think youth group, small group, or awesome friends)

2. Finding a widow in need in your community.

3. Each member of your group sends out a support letter (can be through letters, email or facebook) to everyone they know explaining what Both Hands project is and asking for sponsorship for the project.

4. A day is chosen and your group goes to the widow’s house to serve by cleaning out gutters, mowing, trimming bushes, cleaning out garages, moving heavy items, painting, etc.

5.The funds are then collected and sent to Lifesong for Orphans for Village Of Hopes Both Hands project. The funds are then used to better the life of an orphan.

What I love about this is how God takes the circumstance of the widow and brings them joy in knowing that their circumstance is helping an orphan. It’s helping out in the community around you and at the same time touching the life of a child across the world. Plus-it’s a blast!

When a person comes along someone who is not in their family, lifts them up with their HANDS, carries the weight with them without expecting to receive anything in return- people see Jesus.

You have the ability to make a difference in this world by using the HANDS the Lord gave you.

If you are interested in coming along side of us and giving us a HAND in making Village of Hope thrive we'd love for you to do a Both Hands Project in your community. Please contact us at: or  for more details.

We would love to have your help.

Village of Hope is an initiative of Lifesong for Orphans in partnership with Project Hopeful.

Both Hands Big Build Animation from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.


Rebecca said...

Love it!!! Can't wait to share this idea with my hubby tonight!

Janna said...

Amy, we did a Both Hands project in December for the adoption of our Ugandan daughter, and it was an incredible blessing! I am thrilled to know that these projects are happening for Village of Hope!