Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One of our amazing partners here at Village of Hope has the opportunity to win $50,000 to help special needs children all over the world- even here in Guatemala!

  They have just a week left to vote and are currently in 1st place but the competition is gaining on them quickly.

Would you PLEASE take a second to vote for PROJECT HOPEFUL today and for the rest of the week? It's an EASY way to give without it costing you anything!!!

Simply go here: scroll down and find Project Hopeful and VOTE. THANK YOU!

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Rebecca said...

It appears that you can only enter through Facebook. Is there another avenue? I'm not on FB

Liz said...

I was happy to do it!

Liz said...

I was happy to vote and will continue to this week.

Elle Bee said...

I have been voting daily and sharing on facebook!! Let's keep the lead!

Unknown said...

Just home from Guatemala for a week of service with Redeemers House. Heard so much about your family. Have just caught up on your blog and will continue to follow. May God bless your work!