Friday, March 26, 2010

To whom it may concern...

I saw you at the park the other day, remember me?

You know the one- the one you stared at then whispered about to your friend as we made our way to the swings.

The one who's little boy tried to play with your little girl and you called her over, scolded her and sent her in the opposite direction.

Can I just tell you something?

You lost out.

You lost out big time.

Because if you had just looked long enough to notice more than his skin color maybe you would have seen the gentle spirit that lies within my son.

And what you didn't have time to really understand was how much this little boy's life means to God and how He held him in the palm of His hand, allowing him to survive his past abuse.

If you would have just taken the time I know you would have noticed how loved and cherished this child is by so many, and how we prayed for him daily long before we even knew he was to be our son.

But time is a funny thing.

And we only have so much of it.

Which got me to thinking..

You and I have no guarantees there will be a tomorrow.

No guarantees there will be enough time...

Because while we don't like to think about it, the truth is, one day yours and my time here on earth will come to an end.

And one day you and I will be held accountable to God- whether we claimed to know him or not.

One day you and I will draw our last breath and stand before God- minus all of our stuff.

Minus our pedicures.

Minus our 4,000 square foot houses.

Minus our diplomas and awards.

Minus our BMW.

Minus our souviners.

Minus our size 2 designer jeans.

Minus our collections.

Minus our country club friends.

Minus our 2 carat diamond ring.

Minus our plans.

Minus our good intentions.

Minus the things we have clung to so dearly that prevented us from truly following Jesus.

All of it- gone...

except for perhaps any grace, compassion, kind heartedness, love, mercy or goodness we might have shared along the way.

And I cannot help but wonder will He be pleased with who we truly are?

Will He be pleased with what is underneath all the stuff?

Will He be pleased in what we did with the time He gave us?

My challenge is for you to do the same thing... imagine what Jesus might see when he looks at you- minus your degrees, minus your bank account, minus your good intentions, minus your stuff?

So to whom it may concern, I forgive you and I feel sorry for you. You are truly missing out on the good things...

Oh, and that cross I saw dangling around your neck...

dont just wear it...

live it.

And then you will know it's worth so much more than the stuff.

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Unknown said...



Don't wear the cross - LIVE IT!


Sorry sweet friend for how they behaved and like you said - forgiveness goes a LONG way in the eyes of the LORD!

I love you!

Chantelle said...

Standing "O" here as well!!

Donna said...

Beautiful post!

May our lives be a sacrifice of praise, lived out before the world that others may see Him in us!!

Delighting in Him

Dardi said...

I think I would have liked to have seen you climb up on the slide & just start preachin' it right then & there! :o) Sad thing is, she probably wouldn't get it. I pray that she, & many others, do get it sooner vs. later b/c like you said, they are missing out on so much.

Love you!

Holly said...

Oh Yippee Jesus...I don't have much to take off!
No size 2's for sure. No 2 carat rings, no fat bank accounts, no college degree, no fame or fortune, no BMW.
Thanks for the perspective...the less I have according to the world, the less to get in my way!

Ethiopiana said...

You are an amazingly wise woman. I'm not sure that I would have had been able to have that much grace. Your family is beautiful and I've learned a lot from your story.

Amy said...

Oh, Amy- I am so sorry. You know, we are praying to adopt as well and this exact episode has played itself in my mind time and time again. How will I handle it? The fact is, we live in a world of selfishness. Very few people really understand what it means to be self"less". To have a love for others that is untainted by stereotypes and social labels. You are such an inspiration to me and I know that you are to many others as well. Honey- we are the “change”!!! It’s up to us to show people the love of Jesus and you have done just that. Thank you for being an example of selflessness. For letting the love of Jesus shine through you. I commend you, dear. Much love to your family.
Amy Ezekiel

GinSpaghetti said...

Sing it sister! Live it. I love it!!! Perfect as Lent is coming to a close and we await the time to rejoice in His resurrection!

Debbie T said...

Some people just don't get it, do they Amy? I'm sad for them...hugs to you!!!

Julie said...

I had a park moment like this not to long ago. Hurtful and Sad.

The way I am feeling right now I just might go over and rip the cross off her neck:)

O.K., just kidding. Well, sort of.


Shonni said...

Wonderful job, sweet friend!!!! Wonderful!
Sorry, I have no more words than that....

Live to love and laugh said...

What a powerful post. It makes me so upset when I hear of discrimination. I am praying God will change her heart.

Tina said...

WELL SAID, Sweet Sister in Christ!!! Many blessing to you and your beautiful family!

Amy said...

WONDERFULLY STATED! Love it. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Sophie said...

That just breaks my heart that people can react that way at the presence of a small child, I almsot feel sorry for her and her child because they are missing out on the most valuable gift that the Lord has given us, the love of Jesus.
Keep preaching it sister.

natali said...

I love this post, Amy! You go girl! I love how it shows GOD's heart. The stuff doesn't matter, but what you do with the time He has given you. :)) Keep on!

angie said...

Amen sista!!

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

I cannot believe people act like this... but thank you for taking a stand against it.

jajbs said...

AAAAMMMMMEEENNNNN!! You have managed to say what i have been trying to ever since my family and i went to the aquarium a few weeks ago. i noticed a man and his wife with their little boy that was a little younger than my bella (who is 3 1/2). he followed us with his eyes and a look of disgust for a while and then with a sneer told his wife to "look at THAT" 'that', being my precious Guatemalan daughter. i was so thankful that she was oblivious to him and not able to understand. it broke my heart and angered me, then i felt such a sadness for him.

anyway... i have been trying to sum it all up since then, but you did such a great job!

you have been such a blessing to me every time i read your posts. your thoughts are so kindred to what is in my heart and spirit, but cannot express. may God continue to bless you, as you are such a blessing and inspiration to being HIS hands and feet for so many!

Unknown said...


You are so right and that's why James tells us that "faith without works is dead". Living, active, saving faith shows...and so does dead faith.

The only thing that matters in this life is our faith with works...not our material possessions.

Continue to love the way that Jesus loves and be that example...all the while praying for understanding and complete surrender of those around you.


Beret said...

Oh, so right! Thanks for sharing - you say it so well.

Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious Amy! Your blog posts are INSPIRING!!! We have and are about to adopt another skin color, and it does not matter one bit what you look like. God loves EACH and EVERY child of His!!!! That story made me angry, very very angry. But then I read on, I don't always think to feel sorry for people with twisted minds. Thank you for showing me all sides!
Mattie Patterson

Charlotte said...

I'm sad to see that a small boy is pushed back because of the colour of the skin.

I don't know USA, I'm belgium in europa but your president has the same colour as your son. And it's very well

It has been almost 50 years since some Martin said: I have a dream....

This woman has nothing.

You are rich because you have your son, your children.

I would have liked to have just one child and the colour of the skin is not important, the child is the most precious.

Bless children

Trish said...

Amy, You Go Girl! Great post!

The gFamily said...

I had to read this twice to make sure that I heard you correctly!!! It brought tears to my eyes both times and I admit that I just don't get it! I don't understand how anyone could be so mean! You are right, they are missing out because your family is AMAZING!!!

Adeye said...

wooooooohhoooooo!!!!!! FABULOUS POST!!!!!!!!! You go girl.

Love it.

Leah Wentzel said...


Aileen said...

Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing this as I hope it will help me pause and think before I react if my sweet sons are ever faced with such treatment. Your family is beautiful and such a testament to God.

Barbara said...

Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Ignorance is the biggest special need in this world.

blessedfamily said...

Amazing post! Spoken from the heart of a Godly woman and mother!

Just... awesome!

Tonya Brown said...

Amy you just keep on writing for the Lord. He has gifted you with the words to convey what so many need to hear.

Minus it all, sister! Keep that favored head held high!!

Kathleen said...

I am SO sorry this happened. Thank you for recognizing that each child is a gift from God and loving on these precious ones he has placed in your family. People like this are missing out on so much.

Kristy said...

Just wanted you to know...while there may be those who choose to avoid you/your family, there are those, like me, who admire you in an almost envious way!!! You have the most beautiful family and most beautiful heart! I come away from your blog each time I visit inspired and challenged and more in love with God!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Anonymous said...


You can bring your kids to play with my kids any day! We would be blessed by your visit!!!!


blg67 said...

I have been a long time lurker and just wanted to add my two cents: maybe the woman was scolding her daughter for something else. Maybe she was whispering about something else. And I don't think it's really fair to this woman to make assumptions that she isn't living a christian life (saying she had a cross around her neck and she should not just wear it but live it) because of one issue you had with her at the park. That seems awfully judgmental to me. I'm sure you get lots of stares and whispers but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone is saying something negative. Maybe they are, but maybe they are not. I am a devoted christian and I think we need to be careful about judging others especially someone we don't know at the park. Just my opinion. I really am inspired by your story and your new addition is absolutely adorable.

Amy said...

Dear blg67,
thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I agree- we have to be SO CAREFUL not to judge people when we don't know the whole story. And trust me, had I not been there and SEEN and HEARD it all I would not have written that post. I HEARD her say "You are NOT to play with that BLACK boy" and I saw that her little girl did NOTHING but walk up to him with a sweet, innocent smile on her face. I myself also tried to be friendly and smile at her as we walked up and noticed her whispering to her friend. All I received was a dirty look. I too am a devoted Christian and LIVE my life the best I can for the Lord. Do I make mistakes? You bet. That is why I forgave this lady. However, I also think we have to be VERY careful about hanging the cross around our neck and living out loud the way she did. Any other questions you have for me?

Gretchen said...

You go girl! It needs to be said, but then again, it does not - you know who you are and so do your children, and you are raising them in such a way that when the day comes for them to be the parents in the park with children of their own, they will say hello to "you" and not whisper unkind words, they will encourage the children to play together, and they will leave the park talking about the new friends that were made that day.

Great, great, post.

blg67 said...

In that case, (that you actually heard her say those things) that is appalling. It's really hard to comprehend that anyone would tell their child not to play with another child because of the color of their skin and I'm sorry you or your child has to deal with rude behavior like that.
I have a child who is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids. I can be sensitive about it. In the beginning, I always thought if people were whispering, they were saying something negative about my daughter. But then my husband reminds me that I have no idea what they are saying and they may not even be talking about me or our children at all! I just think we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions!

I do agree that we have to be careful wearing the cross around our neck, but at the same time, like you said, we all make mistakes and it's difficult to judge someone's relationship with the Lord after a brief encounter. I just felt like you were saying that she had no business wearing a cross and that seemed harsh to me, even though what she did was inexcusable. Thanks for listening to my opinion!

bbqdaisy said...

THANK YOU for that post!!!! What an AWESOME reminder! I love the way that God gives you WORDS that inspire and convict ... yet also have HIS spirit of compasssion!
Blessings on your beautiful growing family!

Amy said...

Laura (blg67)
Thank you for being sensitive to your daughter. I believe it is our job as parents to protect our children from insensitive people.
Also, just for the record, I NEVER share EVERY detail of our lives on a public blog because I too am sensitive to my children's privacy. I try to share our hearts the experiences God gives us- and what we learn along the way. Some things you will know about us, others times you will only get a small glimpse. I don't claim to have all the answers or any answers for that matter. We are just a regular family living and loving the life God blessed us with- through the good and the bad.

Kelli said...


I feel sorry for her as well, and I would be HONORED to meet each and every one of your beautiful children!

Anonymous said...

I personally think you were right on target to say that the lady shouldn't wear a cross but should live it. What a wretched witness to others to wear a cross and behave in such an un-Christlike manner.

That is what turns SO many people "off" about Christianity...people who talk the talk and don't walk the walk.

Hang in there! I think you are right on target with this one.

Laurel said...

Beautifully said! Wow!!!


Sharla said...

So well said.

Dawn said...

Seriously the best post I have ever read!!! STANDING UP HERE IN MY KITCHEN APPLAUDING YOU!!

laura said...

Well said...well said. Thank you. Someone recently made a very ugly comment about my daughter's gorgeous hair and pointedly said that I am a terrible mother because of it.

Thank you for defending our children and pointing out that in the end, "stuff" is nothing.

I am so happy to have found your blog!