Saturday, February 20, 2010

One like Mary

It doesn't matter who we are or where we are from, each one of us is born with something inside of us that longs to be loved and belong.

Each one of us has this desire to be 'chosen', to be cherished, and to be something special in the eyes of someone else.

Often times, we spend our entire life trying to prove to the world- prove to somebody, that we are worthy, that we are special, that we are beautiful- that we count.

But what would happen if we never found our place?

What would happen if time and time again we were told that we weren't special enough, we were not beautiful enough, and we were never 'chosen'.

My fear is... we would begin to believe those lies.

And that is my fear for Mary...

Mary is a precious 12 year old little girl living in an orphanage in Ghana. AAI has been searching for a family for Mary for quite some time. As a matter of fact, she is the longest waiting resident in AAI's facility.

And I cannot image being the one who is always left behind...

The one who is never chosen...

The one who's heart is broken over and over.

The one who never hears the words "We choose you".

The one who waits and waits

and waits some more.

Day after day, year after year.

But no one ever comes.

Can you imagine?

There is a family who has a special heart for orphans. They heard about Mary decided enough was enough.

This sweet family decided to do something.

They created a business that would raise money to help orphans like Mary find their way into a forever family. The business donates 5 % of each purchase into a fund for Mary which will help relieve some of the financial burden of adoption for a family who would like to adopt a child like Mary but cannot due to the cost.

I absolutely LOVE seeing a family IN ACTION. A family who truly cares. A family who says I cannot do it all, but I can do something. A family who is willing to help Mary finally have her turn. Please check them out, cheer them on and give Mary your support. It's her turn- and together we can help her finally have it.

If you'd like to learn more about Mary and the family who is helping her you can visit

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Renee said...

Can you please pray for Mary's potential forever family? They so desire to bring her home but need favor with officials due to their family size.

From Diapers To Dorms said...

Thank you so much Amy for helping spread the word about Mary and about what we are trying to do for her. Though we have never met this special girl, we have such love for her and want her and others in similar situations to find the love and security of a family. -Angela & Family, w/From Diapers To Dorms

Adeye said...

Oh I am sooooo praying that this potential family can overcome ALL the obstacles that stand in their way!!! God CAN do it.

Breaks my heart in two, my friend.

Thanks for sharing about such an amazing organization. I'll check out their site.

Love you!

Doreen said...

that is just amazing for this beautiful little girl .. i pray she finds a forever family...

whenpigsfly said...

I am praying about Mary..............about what is NOT happening with Liberia and how long God would have us wait ........... or move forward........about our valid paperwork, about a child who could/would be the namesake of her paternal grandmother.
Praying that dh who has been so preoccupied with plumbing issues and broken piers under the hosue issues would be ready to hear when God opens my mouth to speak. When I saw Mary's face on your blog the day you posted it, I began to pray for her...not for US at that point, but for her, for her family to be revealed. Still praying but with a slightly different slant!!!!!!