Monday, February 1, 2010

The Excuse

I've had my share of excuses in the past....

Too busy
Not enough money
Not enough time
Too young
Too old
Can't afford it
Already have 4 children
Not sure if it's God's will
Not sure
Can't afford it
What will others say?
What will others think?
People will think we are crazy
What if they are right?
Can't afford it.
What if it's hard on our other kids?
It's not the right time
Not sure if I would be good at it.
House is too small.
Can't afford it.
Not sure if I want to start all over again.
What would we drive?
What if it's to much work?
What if it's too hard?
Can't afford it.

Yet for every excuse God has the answer-


It's all about Him- period.

He must increase,
but I must decrease.
John 3:30

We limit God with our excuses.
We limit God with our fears.
We limit God by putting Him inside a box-
A box we have designed on our own.

But by doing this we are actually robbing ourselves-
robbing ourselves of the blessings.
Robbing ourselves of true joy
Robbing ourselves of truly living.

Because you see when we take 'us' out of the picture
Our worries,
Our fears,
Our excuses,
And we put God in the center of our lives
The possibilities are endless.

He has the way...
He IS the way...
And all you have to do is
stop making excuses and take that first step.
Stop listening to the world.
Stop being afraid of the what ifs-
And listen to the one who knows.
The one who has the answers.
The one who really matters.
The truth is
we don't have to be perfect
because He is.
We don't have to have all of the answers
because He already does.
We don't have to know how
because He will show us.
Each day you wait
is a day that they wait too...

The cost of your excuse is a lot higher than the cost of an adoption
because look at what it's costing them.

Stop making excuses.
They are waiting
And so is He...
To show you the way.

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Unknown said...

That is beautiful, amy. Thanks for being HIS voice.

Our family: said...

This is so encouraging! Thank you for posting this! It is so true our God is so much bigger than any obstacle.

Adoption was the biggest step of faith our family ever had to take. When I look back I can't believe I ever feared or hesitated.

Now, I'm ready to step forward again. Just waiting on my hubby...again! But I know the Lord is in control.

Unknown said...

OK precious friend - I'm linking this on my adoption blog and while I'm away on our family blog!


Again know that I celebrating with you!

I love you!

Dardi said...

Amen!! Those words have got to be straight from God's heart! If I can figure it out, I would love to link to this!

Your words blessed me today!

Love you ~ Dardi

Amy said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Unknown said...

He knew I needed this today...and I'm sending it to hubby now!! Is it bad to beat him over the head with it!! Lol, thanks're a blessing already!!!

natali said...

Wow. Beautiful, beautiful, beauuuutiful! I'm definitely posting a link on my blog :))

Created For His Glory said...

Oh yes and amen!!!!

whenpigsfly said...

Amy, Thank you for articulating your heart, and mine, so well!!
I am going to link this post to my blog and my FB page as well.
Love, Linda

trustandobey said...

Very well said and a good reminder that we are here to serve HIM, the rest is gravy.

Shonni said...

So perfect!!!

Unknown said...

AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. Praying that this gets people 'off the fence' and moving towards those who don't have a home.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

I can't tell you what this post has meant to me.

Thank you!

Chris said...

We are stepping forward and trusting it is God's will and asking Him to stop us if it is not...It is still a hard thing...He will need to come through for us b/c I know we can't do it on our own.

Christi said...

So encouraging!
Thank you for sharing!

Sean and Lisa said...

Oh Amy thank you again for touching the depths of my heart with your words.

You are speaking His truth and I, dear friend, answer, Here I am Lord, send me!!

I'm linking this on my blog...thank you again!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...


Katie said...


Unknown said...

You have no idea how much I needed this today! Would you give me permission to post this on my blog?

We are paperchasing for #6 and will need to fundraise every penny BUT we know we are suppose to bring this peanut home. Your post was sooo encouraging! God Bless & hugs, stacy

..... said...

I love this!!

BrandiB said...

I absolutely love this post!!! Thank you for your honesty and clear vision.

Wendy said...

Wow, Amy, that's powerful. I just happened upon your blog today and can't wait to read more! Is it alright if I print and share today's post with my orphan ministry?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. My husband and I are in the process of becoming foster to adopt parents and I've been starting to question if we would still be able to do it. I was laid off from my job on Friday. I almost feel this was meant for me. And may I add that what you wrote applies to so many things in life. I hope everyone takes something away from it.

Renee said...


Sara said...

This is so what I needed to hear. It was funny, but Joel and I were having a discussion about adoption again (same as "Our Family" comment). He worries about having enough patience for 4. I think I will print this off and give it to him later. I trust God.

love2bmom said...

Thank you for your post and may God bless you!!!



love2bmom said...

May I link to this post on my Facebook?

I understand if you would prefer that I did not.........


Donna said...

Amazing post.

Hope you don't mind I put a link to it on my blog!

Delighting in Him

mom said...

Wonderful, have been praying about adding to our family but worried about all the what "ifs" this post spoke volumes to me.

Melinda said...

Amen!!! Love this post Amy! I have done my share of limiting God, but it never works very well. I do have worry, fear, excuses, but thankfully God is bigger than all of that! Faith is following when it is hard,scary, inconvenient, and costly, otherwise how could God get the glory?

Andrea Hill said...

Amen my sweet friend! I think though because of your blog and when you first started to put up the jar of Kaden and the adoption money, many people stepped out in faith, me being one of them. Thanks for that because had you not started in faith because I had no money, I wouldn't have had the courage...

Adeye said...

wooohooooo sweet friend. Love Love love it!!!!! Absolutely beautiful written from the heart. Are you sure you're not my long lost sister??? You sure you weren't born in Africa and just didn't know it :)

Love you!!!

Shelly said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!! SO true... I hear it every day! God is faithful! I want to put a link to this on my blog... I hope that is OK.

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Amy, your posts amaze me. I'm so blessed to know you!!! I think one day there will be a holiday named after you, and the quote that everyone remembers will be "The cost of your excuse is a lot higher than the cost of an adoption..." You know, MLK Day and BTC Day (Be the Change)!!! :-) Thank you, Amy!

Sophie said...

Amen, Amen Amen!! Beautifully written, I'm holding back the tears because this is so true. Fear is from the devil not from God. If we trust God and open up our hearts and surrender to His will, like you wrote dear friend, the opportunities are endless. And the blessings that will come out of allowing God to use us are also endless.

Jen said...


How beautiful and how true! Sending my blog readers your way today!

No more excuses, huh?

Kim said...

"Brilliant" my new friends would say in Hong Kong with an unmistakeable British accent!
I am praying that God will use your message to work (AGAIN) on my husband's heart!
Thank you!
Love & Blessings from abroad,

Kim said...

"Brilliant" my new friends would say in Hong Kong with an unmistakeable British accent!
I am praying that God will use your message to work (AGAIN) on my husband's heart!
Thank you!
Love & Blessings from abroad,

Theresa said...

Love it.

noneya said...

So many of your resons as to why we "shouldnt" do this thing called adoption are very real realities. From not having a vehicle big enough, to only have 1700+ sq.ft. The list really could go on. To be honest, at times it can be very overwhelming. The only thing that keeps me pushing forward is the fear of the Lord. I dont ever want to stand before him in open rebellion. Yes, I have a huge desire to have more children and absolutely love being a mom. However, that will only get you so far. I just have to trust the Lord, and know that he is the mountain mover, I am not! (trying to remember that.....)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have read your blog often and love your heart. We are family of 15 (soon to be 17) and there is nothing sweeter than the blessings of seeing God's love at work! We are blessed beyond measure and I see that you are too. KEEP SHINING!

Shauna said...

Amen!! Posting to my blog (if you do not mind!)! Love it!

Tina said...

Thank You! You have spoken to my spirit today. My husband and I just had our first meeting with our adoption agency yesturday after a year of contemplation. And as much as I don't want to admit it the "excuses" are still swimming around in my head. This will be our 2nd adoption and I really needed to hear that it has nothing to do with me, but has everything to do with "Him"


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Amy! Thank you for posting this!

Debbie Petras said...

I came by after reading your poem on Jill's blog. What beautiful words of truth and so well written. It certainly is convicting. Thank you for sharing this from your heart.


adoptingmama said...

Well said. And can I say, this is a challenge for me personally. We do have 5 kids, 4 of them are adopted but I can tell God has been preparing my heart to do it again, stretch even more...thank you for being Jesus's voice today.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy,

I have been reading your blog for awhile now. Thank you for every shared story and the encouragement that ineviatbly follows. This is my first time commenting. Your words spoke to me again today, especially today. What you have let God enable you to do in your family has led me to open my heart and life more. Thanks to you, in part, we are in the training process to adopt from foster care CA. state. (Inspection on Thursday!)We have two bio children 5 and 3 and this is a HUGE leap of faith for all the reasons mentioned in the last blog entry you wrote. I feel scared today as there are so many things on my plate and I wonder if I am wrong, and I'm taking on more than I can handle. (Too hard, too much, too old -39, what if's etc). I know he will give me the strength if I let HIM. It's just like when a child is jumping off from a high place and them asking mom or dad, "I'm gonna let go, do you have me? Are you sure? I'm letting go, don't let go" That's what I do some days. It's so hard to trust. Some days I can't give up MY limitations. Thank you for this profound reminder. God bless you. love you from afar :)
Elaine (Southern Ca.)

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

that is great! Thanks for sharing!


Love said...


Alicia said...

Thank you for sharing this incredible word pattern that so touched my heart. May I use this to share with others?

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart! I'm going to share this with one of my pastors tomorrow! I'm really feeling lead to start an adoption fund and orphan support program at our church and this says so much of what I was trying to say...... God bless you!!! Your family is so beautiful! I am waiting for the day that we get to bring home our adopted children!

Leah Worthy

Shannon said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now (sorry for not commenting). You inspire and challenge me with each post and especially this one. My husband are are praying...I've been ready to leap for awhile but he's not quite there. We have four children already and he worries about the financial and logistical obstacles. I am in awe of how God is working in him both of us. I plan on sharing this post with him! Thank you!

blessedfamily said...

Simply beautiful.

Renea Lynch said...

I absolutely adore you!!!! I sent this to my husband.... he's my 'excuse' that wasn't on the list. ;) lol I just keep praying when it's God's will he will crack his heart wide open!!!! God's timing is perfect. I wait and pray.

Laurel said...

Beautifully spoken!

Laurel :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Amy said...

Dear Amy, we have just recently accepted the Lord's call to adopt from Ehtiopia. I have tried to use every excuse in the book and found your recent post to be very near to my heart. With your permission I would like to repost your post on my blog being sure to give you credit. It has touched me so deeply. My excuse is money. My faithfulness in our Lord is tested daily. Thank you so much for the beautiful post. It has blessed me. Amy Ezekiel,,

Deep Fried Goodness said...

I love love love this post! Challenging, Convicting, Poignant. I keep coming back to read it. Also, since I've never posted before... Hello! I love your blog. Your family is beautiful. Formerly, I was a lurker. Now, having left this, I am a real fan! :)

Karen said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this.

Miracles from God to us! said...

Oh my does this hit home today with me. I have been making all of the excuses. Do you mind if I post this on my journal? I needed this reminder today! Thank you!

You are adorable kids!

Love it!

Heidi Schafbuch

Missy @ finding bright spots said...

I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I read this post. It must have hit a nerve because I've come back and reread this same post at least four more times. This had to have been written exactly for me! : ) Thank you so much! We have three biological kiddos and are just starting our first adoption. We are so very excited, but also quite scared. And lately we've been wondering if God has been calling us to 2 kids instead of 1. But it's all the things you mentioned...we can't fit five carseats in our van, how will we pay for them? I homeschool - how can I juggle five little kids and still do that? But I know that following the Lord will be the most amazing journey! I trust Him!!

bbqdaisy said...

Do you mind if I link to your post/copy your post, giving you the credit??? You just said it ALL SO WELL ... I have totally processed/questioned all of what you wrote SO MANY times!!!
Your blog is an inspiration!

Chris said...

Found your blog through More Kids 4 Me....


What you wrote probably is true for so many of us....
But you are right when we take 'us' out of the picture and make it all about God....
It changes everything!!!
We just got back from China with our second daughter and I am already wondering what God might be asking of me....???
Cuz, I know He wants so much more of me....

Thanks for the post!!!

the H family said...


Thank you for this post. I just posted my own similar rant the other day, but I'm going to link to your blog too. Maybe the person who needs to read it, and to RECEIVE the message, will be touched by your words more than mine.