Friday, August 14, 2009

Celebrating 14 years of this precious girl!!

Thank you Addisyn for bringing so much joy into our lives. I could not be more proud of the kind of person you choose to be every day of your life. Live big for Him sweetheart-We love you!

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Phyllis said...

Happy Birthday, Addisyn!
Phyllis & Kristen

Unknown said...

How cool is that - our girls share the same birthday!!!!!!!!

Lexi is 15 today!

Happy Birthday Addisyn!

Blessings and love,

Unknown said...

Hi Addiysn! (this is Lexi on my mom's account)

Happy 14th Birthday! I hope you have the best year yet! =D

Guess what's so cool? Its my birthday today too!!!! I am 15 today.

Hoping you have an awesome b-day!

God Bless!

Lexi <><

Recovering Noah said...

Happy Birthday, Addy!!!! We hope you have a great one.

P.S. Just think.. in two years you'll be driving! ;-)

Leslie, Noah, Nandi, and Eli

Holly said...

Happy Birthday :)
Amy- I did a chip in but it isn't showing up. Might want to check on your end and let me know.

Andrea Hill said...

Happy Happy Birthday Addy, you are so beautiful.