Thursday, June 25, 2009


(The following was taken from "Experiencing God- Knowing and Doing The Will of God" by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King.)

"Often people approach knowing and doing God's will this way: They ask, "Lord, what do You want me to do? When do You want me to do it? How shall I do it? Where shall I do it" What will the outcome be?"
Isn't it typical of us to ask God for a detailed road map before we are willing to set out on the journey? We say, "Lord, if You would just tell me where I need to end up, then I'll be able to set my course and go." You might even decide you won't move forward until God tells you ahead of time the details of what you will face. But that is not the way God led people in Scriptures.
The Lord doesn't send us off like an errand boy. He intends to accompany us on the journey. He wants us to continually heed His voice and go with Him one day at a time. As long as we walk daily with Christ, we will always know where to be- right beside Him- and will always end up where He wants us to be.

Jesus did not say:
"I will give you the entire plan."
"I will give you a road map."
"I will tell you which direction to go and send you off."

He did say, "I am the way (John 14:6).

Jesus knows the way; He is your way.

Reflection: Are you content to follow God one day at a time, or do you become anxious if you do not know where God is leading you in the future? If so, why is that?


JG said...

Good word.

Unknown said...

Another awesome post - great question!

I don't have a life plan, a five year plan and sometimes I don't know what I'm doing next week. That was the greatest blessing when I gave that all over to God!

Love and hugs,
Who is a happy homebody with her 8 blessings and praying on what comes next with our family!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Yep, I am a ducks in a row kind of person...I have to admit it throws me off when I don't know the details. Praise God HE is gracious to me anyway!!!

Unknown said...

Is this in response to my post from yesterday? :0)

Andrea Hill said...

I read that book back in 2006 and still remember so clearly. Great book and thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Breum said...

I struggle w/ this. I liked your post-

Kathleen said...

This has been a big struggle for me in my life. I have had to learn that even in his "silence" he is moving and working in my life. I am working on "letting go and letting God" move in his timing. This is not easy and I am finding it takes tons of faith and practice. Thanks for the encouragement...

Audrey said...

Could you get out of my head, please?? :)

I ask myself constantly: When will you be spiritually mature enough to just follow? What is it going to take for you to just TRUST in His perfect plan??

Maybe tomorrow?

jajbs said...

After reading this post,I am convinced that I did not just "stumble" upon your blog, but was directed by the Lord! This is something He has been speaking to my heart and you brought out some new things for me to ponder.