Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why time is truly our most precious gift

There have been times in my life where I have been guilty of wishing my time away... wishing that a day would just be over, or perhaps wishing I could jump ahead in time 6 months or so(especially when we were waiting to bring our adopted children home). But today- today I would have literally frozen time if I could have. Stayed in this exact moment and just sat back and soaked in every minute of it over and over. I did- the best I could- I soaked in every minute we had- but somehow I can't help but to feel that it will never be enough. I have a feeling that is probably exactly how the Riggs feel on a daily basis.
We had a very special little person visit our house today... Precious Abby Riggs. Only precious doesn't even begin to describe how amazing this little girl is. Not only is she beautiful, SWEET, strong, FUNNY, and unbelievably amazing- her laugh- her smile- can literally grab your heart in a moments time. It had been a while since we had gotten to spend time with Michelle and Abby so seeing them was such a gift. While my heart broke to see Abby so sick- especially seeing how her little hands shake and seeing how weak her little body was... what struck me most was how STRONG her spirit is regardless of what she faces. Those who read the Riggs Blog get to see a small glimpse into their lives and how huge their faith is... what they don't get to see is how real this family is. Their example, their hearts, their faith -touches you to the very core. Knowing the Riggs family-knowing Abby- has changed us. Watching them face each day with whatever comes their way, with such dignity, such love- makes me want to be more than I ever thought I could be. Please continue to pray for this beautiful family. Pray for Abby to be healed completely and pray for God to continue to change lives through them. I am so thankful for their friendship and thankful for the time we have with them all. We love you guys!!! Princess Abby

Addisyn and beautiful Sami
Thank you Leslie for coming over today and spending time with us! I know Michelle and Abby both loved spending time with you guys and we always do too!

Kallan and Abby

Abby and her mommy sharing a laugh

Abby and her new #67th boyfriend Travis (trust me she charms all the boys!)

Abby and Mya (Mya and Abby's brother Landis were in Eagles Nest orphanage together)

Mya, Aleigha, Abby and Eli~ our Guatemalan groupies

Abby, Aleigha, Lainey, Jace, Mya, and Jayla

Aleigha and Abby

Addisyn and Abby

Aleigha, Abby and Mya

Abby feeling the love. ;0)


Debbie T said...

what a wonderful blessing for all of you to get to spend the day together!!! precious precious kiddos! Makes me wish I lived closer so I could have dropped in to visit too!

Angela said...

What a sweet face. I can only imagine how much sweeter her spirit it.

Today in my 21day fast we are being asked to specially pray for healing--I will add this precious girl to the top of my list.

HE is our Jehovah-Rapha, the healing ONE!

Angela (fourkidsplusone)

Pam said...

That is so awesome! I have been reading and praying for the Rigg's family! How neat to see two people who's blog's i read know eachother IRL!! Kinda cool!!

Recovering Noah said...

Amy & Michelle,

Thank you SO much for letting us come out and the spend the day with your families. The kids had a blast, and it was so good to see Abby again. She's grown!

I love the pictures you took, Amy. The one of Travis & Abby is my favorite. And the looks she kept giving Noah when he tried to hold her hand towards the end of our visit.. priceless! Clearly he is NOT one of her 67 boyfriends. lol.

Michelle, we are continuing to pray for Abby and your family. Your faith is such an inspiration!

Leslie :-)

Elizabeth said...

She is adorable and we continue to pray for her daily!!

Doreen said...

Amy , how wonderful that you and your family were able to spend those precious moments with sweet Abby.. great pictures and how nice to see her having fun and her sweet smile... We are saying lots of prayers for you Abby.. doreen

Pam said...

I've sent you an award! Come over and see!

Anonymous said...

We too are praying for Aleigha's little lookalike friend, Abby. May God be with her and her family as they face each day. So glad you got to visit and enjoy this time together.

Mom and Dad

Unknown said...

Amy - I know coveting anything is a sin - but somehow what I'm about to say might just please God. There are times when I wish I could hop on a plane and be in the very presence of this amazing family. It has been beyond a blessing to me to stand in the gap for them daily praying for Abby, Michelle and Brent and the entire Riggs family!

I adore them! I am so glad we got to meet and I praise God for how He weaves our tapestry together!

Blessings to you and know that I am beyond THRILLED to hear you are bringing in a sibling group to His family! WAHOOOO!

Hugs and blessings,