Monday, October 1, 2012

Building HOPE- together

Most of us can remember a time in our lives when we felt rejected.

A time when we felt like we didn’t matter. Whether it be the time we were chosen last on recess for the kickball game, or the time we didn’t get invited to the birthday party that everyone else was invited to- we have all felt the sting of rejection.

So what breaks my heart is when I think about how an orphan child living with HIV/AIDS must feel living in a society who constantly treats them as the least, the last and the lowest.

Our God given vision here at Village of Hope is to give these children faith, family, and a future. Yet much work needs to be done in order for the vision to become a reality. But what we know without a doubt is that we are not just building buildings- we are building homes and we are building HOPE.

Right now this very minute there are children waiting. Children who are living with HIV in a culture that rejects them. Schools do not want to accept them; most orphanages do not want to accept them either. And so they wait –in hopes that one day someone will welcome them in, wraps their loving arms around them and tell them they are valued, cherished and loved. And we wait- for the body of Christ to come together and make the vision of Village of Hope a reality for these children.

Give HOPE, brick by brick. Village of Hope - Guatemala from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

Village of Hope still needs $184,500 for such things as homes for the first orphans and their house parents, retaining walls, perimeter walls, and gates for safety and protection. These things will provide safety, home and HOPE for these orphans.

How can we do this?

Little by little, brick by brick- together we can build the foundation these children need to come to know the one who loves them so much He CHOSE them.

Little by little, brick by brick, together we can build HOPE for their future.

What that will take is for you and I to realize that the God in heaven that is crazy about these children is crazy about us as well. What He wants for us is so much more than a new sweater, a new electronic toy or the latest isomething or other this Christmas. He wants for us is to quit wasting our time, our resources and our talents on the things in this world that do not matter- and invest in the things that do~ His Kingdom.

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. Proverbs 24 3-4

To help GIVE faith, family and a future to the children at Village of Hope please visit see our
webpage here.

Indicate that you are purchasing a brick for someone as a gift and we will have a personalized card sent to you to give them. :)
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Kelly McMahan said...

Thank you so much for all you do
God Bless all of you!


Corrie said...

There is a lot of questions in my heart when it comes to adoption. Perhaps you can address them on your blog as other people may be asking the same questions.

1. Even babies I birth come with a past as they have eaten everything I've eaten and heard my voice. They kind of know my family. Orphans come with their own past. How does an adoptive family help their new child fit into their new family?

2. I've heard a lot about behavior issues after a child moves in with a family. Can you address that?

3. How can a family deal with the whole idea of "this kid doesn't look like us?"

4. What about the cost of adopting a child - it is so expensive. Do you have any ideas about how to get that child home?

5. Sometimes there are families that God does not call to adopt children. How can these families support orphans?