Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I gotta be honest with you and tell ya that fundraising is the part I like least about being involved at Village of Hope.

  And yet, while of course God doesn't NEED our help in providing for the orphan~


 He expects us to give back a tiny portion of ALL that He has given us.

When we first went on the mission field I remember someone saying to us "All missionaries do it beg for money." I gotta tell ya, that stung. Hit me right in the gut. Because you know, we humans have been trained to be strong- to be able to do it all on our own so that everyone will say 'wow, look at what they have done'.

But you know what, that is so wrong.

Village of Hope does not exist because of anything 'we' have done. It exists because God ordained it. It exists because a body of believes understood God commandment to care for the orphan. To give and expect nothing back. To have their hearts broken for what breaks His. To live for something more than themselves. To live- for Him.

And if that means begging people to give and begging people to care- well then so be it.

Because I think that she...

and I think that He...

are MORE than worth my fear of someone judging me for asking for help to help them.

And if people get tired of us sharing their needs- then I am totally okay with them clicking the mouse and moving on.

Because as I shared my hurt and my heart with God and asked Him HOW...How we could do this for her...

and for Him...

He told me not to worry.

 He told me His followers would come forward.

He told me to just do what He called ME to do...

 To GO (I'm here) and to SHARE...

And the rest is between Him and them.

And so I am not afraid...

If they choose to sit in their comfy houses, with their comfy lives and turn a blind eye to those in need I am not responsible.

If people choose to drink their lattes while climbing the corporate ladder and never once stop to notice those who have never been given such an opportunity-they are the ones held accountable.

And so I trust.

One day at a time,

and I watch Him-

 be God.

 Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. Luke 9:24

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Jessica said...

are any of the kids that you post pictures of, "adoptable"? Is there somewhere we can go to get information on them, if I am interested in adopting?

Jessica C. Enriquez

The Sequin Singer said...

So true! It is hard to ask for help! Even when it is not help for yourself! So many people are oblivious to the hurt and needs to the World. We need people like you to remind us what is out there beyond our little world of comfort! Thank you Amy!

Laurel said...

Perfectly said.

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago that talked about "Is it right or wrong to share financial needs?"


It breaks my heart to hear Believers say that other Believers should ask for financial help or prayer. That is NOT from the LORD. It is the enemy trying to tell us that we all need to be self-sufficient and not depend on others. That is NOT the Gospel.

Keep sharing.
Keep humbly receiving from others.
Keep seeking wisdom from Him.

God is so clearly doing His mighty work in you and through you all. We are blessed to play a little part in that work, and always appreciate hearing of specific needs.

Hugs & Prayers!


Laurel said...

Oops ... just noticed typo ...

"it breaks my heart to hear Believers say that other Believers should NOT ask for financial help or prayer."


:) :) :)

Jenay said...

Preach it sister. You are so right. I hate fundraising with a capital H...but, when we adopted God showed us exactly what to do and He provided amazingly...all I had to do was be obedient to what He showed me and it was uncomfortable, but in the end He taught me so much more and He provided in huge ways, and to this day, we have many new friends because of that fundraiser. So hang in there sister and do the thing He has shown you!!! I love your blog and your heart and your obedience. It blesses me and challenges.

L, Ann and boys said...

Oh this is so well said. Never quit asking on behalf of others. SO much grace is left unclaimed. So many opportunities to loose the chains we have to money through giving not taken...keep giving the opportunity. We need it.


valerie in TX said...

You are so right, Amy. It is sometimes PAINFUL to ask for money - even if it's not for ourselves. One thing I've noticed when I've been in Uganda, is that people tend to ask for help so much more freely there. At first my response was to be somewhat offended (my selfish American pride coming out) - but I think one reason it may be so much easier for them, is that they aren't met with the disdain that we are often met with when we ask for money here in America. You're right - we are expected to stand on our own two feet, and not only is it hard for US to humble ourselves to ask, but OTHER people are offended when we ask.

The thought that came to mind when you said you've had people tell you "all missionaries do is beg for money" was this: if we are offended by people asking us for money - especially when it is being used to help meet the needs of orphans and others in need - perhaps we are the ones who need to be examining our own hearts!

We love you guys! We are SO blessed and SO challenged by your heart of humble obedience to the Lord. Hang in there!

Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Needed to read this tonight. Frankly, sitting in Ghana celebrating July 4th and battling some critical thoughts toward the American way of life. Amy, keep sharing knowing God will provide and probably through the most unlikely means. Thanks for paving the way. Our family has followed and we are now in Ghana. Thankful for you and what you are doing!