Friday, October 14, 2011


     The Lord has blessed me with a life full of people who have impacted me in so many ways. People who have taught me about what really matters, shown me who God really is through their example and people who have helped me become who I am today.

And yet none of them could even come close to opening my eyes to Jesus the way you have.

Because of who you are, I am who I am.
Because of who you are, I see my life in a whole new way.
Because of who you are, I see Jesus in a way I came so close to missing out on.
Because of who you I am no longer afraid to take risks, love deeply and step into the unknowns.

I love you my precious, funny, silly, active, outgoing, beautiful son- and I am so thankful God blessed me with one of the greatest gifts in this world- YOU.

Happy 5th birthday!!! I love you more than you will most likely ever know.

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AmberK said...

He is like..the CUTEST 5 year old!!! His smile melts like BUTTER!!! Happy Birthday big guy!!

Unknown said...

WOW - Amy - how blessed are you!!! Happy 5th Birthday Kaden!

You are a very blessed and special young man! God has big plans for you and I'm loving watching them be fulfilled one year at a time!

Lots of love!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Kaden!

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Happy Birthday Kaden!!! That smile is worth a million.


Rachel Hopkikns said...

I miss you SO much Kaden!! Happy 5th Birthday!!! <3

Recovering Noah said...

Happy Birthday, Kaden!! You're a BIG boy now!

We miss you! Say hi to all the kids in Guatemala!

Noah, Eli, and Nandini

darci said...

happy birthday kaden!!

justthemomforthejob said...

I simply cannot believe your little man is FIVE already!!! Seems like only yesterday he was a tiny wee one, barely toddling around!

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Happy belated b-day, Kaden! I look at you and know that our Kiefer will be looking just like you in 2 more years. You're his Texan twin! Keep serving those meals with that big ole smile and makin' Jesus so happy! Hope to see y'all soon!

Jeni said...

Sometimes I can't figure out how to explain what I am thinking about my little guy we've had since he was 5 weeks (he's 20 months now) and are hoping to adopt in a few months if all works out. You said exactly what I feel when I think of him.

It is really amazing, isn't it, how one little person can teach us soooo much!

Your little guy is so precious.