Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet 16...

As I sit here preparing this post, I almost cannot believe it as I type the words sixteen.

Sixteen years old.

How could it be?

 I remember once when you were just a little girl an elderly lady sat next to me on a park bench. She leaned closer, looked me in the eyes and whispered "enjoy every second for the time goes faster than you can imagine". I remember at the time laughing and silently thinking to myself 'it feels as if the sleepless nights and diaper changes will never end' as I watched you toddled across the playground with your brothers chasing after you that warm summer day.

And now here you are... sweet sixteen.

And all I can do is think of how grateful I am for every single second of those sixteen years... and how grateful I am that God gave me you.

I want to thank you Addisyn for all that you have taught me. I know a mother is supposed to be the one to teach their child, and yet I cannot help but to stand in awe of the way you 'get it' more often than most adults. I know you have heard it many times before, but you are wise beyond your years and your faith is the kind that leaves the rest of the world wishing they could one day get there. Thank you for sharing that with me and thank you for challenging me to reach a little farther, love a little deeper, and give a little more.

I adore you my precious first born daughter and I couldn't be more proud of who you are and how you choose daily to live your life. My prayer for you is that you always stay as close to the Lord as you are today and that your mind never becomes filled with the crud and the lies that the world will constantly try to send your way. I pray that you live out those dreams in your heart and that you stay true to your purpose. Keep living for Him Addie, and the rest of your days will be as sweet as the first sixteen.

Happy 16th Birthday, you are so loved.

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Cassy said...

Such a lovely and sincere post from a mother tho her first born daughter.

Your daughter is so pretty.

Happy sweet sixteenth birthday to her!

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

Chantelle said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl! I wish at 16 I had been half as pretty and focused as she is at her age! (and I wish I had her freckles!) :)

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday, Addisyn!!!

Hoping your day is BLESSED!

I can't wait to see all that the Lord will do in you and through you as you move to Guatemala. I think it's time that you start your own blog, because I know that the Lord will be doing such a mighty work in you ... and I want to hear all about it.

Big Hugs!

Mama D. and the gang :)

Leveta said...

What a wonderful letter to your is one that she can treasure for every. I can tell that she is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.

karen said...

She's just beautiful! What a wonderful gift from God. Happy birthday Addie!

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Happy 16th b-day, beautiful! Addie, you totally ROCK, and we're privileged to call you our friend. Thank you for being an awesome role model for all of my girls, and thank you for living your life for Jesus. I remember the day a pair of sparkly TOMS shoes arrived for Mattie, just because you care. How amazing of you to spend your hard earned money to bless our sweet Mattie with a pair of TOMS. See, I told you that you ROCK. You really do, and the best thing about you is that the inside of you is every bit as beautiful as the outside. Gorgeous, inside and out. So very rare, Addisyn. You are a diamond. Thanks for sparkling for the world to see Jesus in you. Love ya!
PS If y'all can swing a trip down here before Guatemala, we'd sure LOVE to have y'all!!!!!

trustandobey said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl:) My first born(a daughter as well)will turn 16 in the spring so I am right there with you as far as wondering how it could be possible! I too had a wise woman come up to me (and Hunter) at the park.(I think I was frustrated at the time because I found Hunter playing in the mud.)Sensing my attitude, she gently reminded me to enjoy every moment with my little one because the time would fly by. She was right. Maybe it was the same woman you encountered and her ministry is to go around the country and encourage young moms to what is truly important:) Anyway, may God bless these wise souls that the Lord brings across our paths and may God give us many many more moments to cherish with our children.

Unknown said...

What an amazing tribute to one of the most wonderful sweet sixteens I know! Addy - we love you and are excited to watch God move in your life!

Enjoy every moment of your special day and year!

Hugs and we can't wait to serve together in GUATEMALA!!!!

Emily said...

She is sweet and amazing indeed! May He continue to lead her, and may she continue to choose to follow.