Friday, June 17, 2011

I wanted to put a plug in for this awesome book "A Passion for the Fatherless" by Pastor Daniel Bennett. I LOVE this book and actually contributed a small piece of our story in it. It is a great read and hits on something that weighs heavy on my heart- the church being the answer to the orphan crisis. I love it when I come across a pastor who gets this. Love it when a pastor recognizes the importance of orphan care and see's adoption as part of the gospel- because when we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior we too are adopted- into His family.

A couple years ago when talking to a pastor about a possible adoption ministry in that church he said to me "that is fine that adoption is your thing- but it will never be what 'our church' is about." 

What breaks my heart about this is that so often we hear sermons on being pro life (and for the record- I am)- yet how can someone be pro life and not 'about adoption'. This is especially bothersome to me because I have to wonder- what is going to happen to those children that we fought to be brought forth into life if we don't support adoption?

I admit, I often worry about the American church. From talking to others and from my own experiences, it seems that some of the American churchs have gotten so far away from the center of the gospel- Jesus- and the very reason He died on the cross. It was to save us and adopt us into His family.

Jesus was all about missions and outreach- and not just to those who looked like Him. Can I be really honest here? Don't you find it interesting that the wait time to adopt a 'white infant' is years, but there is a shortage of parents for black children? I cannot help but to wonder if this has anything to do with why the abortion rate among black woman far exceeds that of other groups?

Can I just remind you of something? Jesus was not only about 'white' Americans. Jesus was about THE WORLD. He cared about every single person- because we were all created in His imagine.

Somehow along the way we have we have twisted it and made it be about us- our preferences, our comforts, our desires. And in essence we have have turned our back on the hurting world around us.We announce that each of us has our own mission field right where we are (which yes is true) yet I have to question how many of us are actually reaching out and telling others about Jesus every day- especially those that we see as 'different' than us?

While Sunday school programs, worship and fellowship are great and important- I also think we are doing a disservice as we have moved away from being mission focused and when we fail to focus our efforts in reaching the lost in our own community and throughout the world.

And we are doing a disservice when we are so focused on our own kingdom- that we forget about His. Because the truth is, no matter how state of the art your building is, no matter how impressive the programs offered are- if we are missing the point of who Jesus is and what He cares about- then we have wasted our time and resources.

I am not claiming adoption is for everyone- but caring for orphans is. Jesus goes as far as to say "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto me." Matthew 25:40

It's right there in the bible. You can't miss it.

But somehow...


we do.

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Christina said...

AMEN! Another great post, Amy!!! Hard for me to fathom how a pastor (or anyone else) could think that adoption/orphans are "not what this church is about". Just doesn't make any sense.

I totally agree with you about adoption being the answer to abortion. If we as Christians are going to advocate for unborn children, we have to be ready to step up for them when their mother chooses life but cannot parent them. Otherwise, we've been like the person who sees someone without food and simply says, "Wow, you're hungry." and offers them nothing to fill their bellies.

Elizabeth and Ryan said...

Totally agreed! If you haven't read the book "Orphanology" I highly recommend it. It really gives the "church" no choice but to be involved. Passing in along to my pastor!

Karin said...

I so totally agree with you! It's so distressing to have people tell me they can't adopt for the silliest of reasons...or just seem totally indifferent to the orphan crisis. :( Many people think its just our thing and like to call us saints so that they don't have to feel guilty since we must be in some rare category. Sigh... Keep preaching, girl! :)

Unknown said...

i so agree with todays post! i have enjoyed following along and look forward to following the next chapter! angie

Renae said...

Preach on!! I've been so convicted of all you've been saying for the past several months...such a spoiled and self-centered church we have become...

Sophie said...

I'm so tired of people thinking that adoption is a calling for the few select, so untrue. If we want to know God's will for us all we have to do is check His written Word. I don't see it as a calling, I see it as a responsibility, we as Christians have a responsibility to help those in need.

I'm shocked at the Pastor's response, which Bible does he read by the way??

Please pray for me and my friend Amy as we are going to set an appointment with a church leader to see if the church would consider helping us financially with our adoptions.


Jennifer P said...

Amen, Sister. The church doesn't do a very good job of even acknowledging orphan care never mind allocating precious resources.

God places the lonely in families. Imagine if all the lonely people weren't lonely anymore....

Great post, Amy. Thank you.

Paul and DeeDee said...


Daniel was my youth pastor in High School and his family was such a great support when we adopted Olivia. I can't wait to read his book.....when I finally finish all of my training reading for SIM! Hope you guys are doing well.


Alison said...

What a wonderful post. I'm a fairly new reader to your blog and I am grateful I've found it. God lead me here, I am sure of it.

Daniel Bennett said...

@Amy: Thanks so much for mentioning the book. Our prayer is that it will help prepare Christ's church to engage in orphan-care ministry for God-glorifying reasons.

@DeeDee: Your name does sound strangely familiar.... Just kidding! We miss you guys and so excited for you.

candice said...

Great post! I love the book too! We were in a few of his sessions at the Orphan Summit last year and couldn't wait until the book was finished!

Thank you again for glorifying the Lord in each and every one of your posts!

K. Pirkle said...

I was speaking to the wife of our missions deacon one Sunday. I had been teaching a class to the K-6th grade about orphans. She had been to Ghana and had visited some orphanages there. Anyway, we were in the process of adopting at the time, and I said "I hope that more people from this congregation will adopt" She almost rolled her eyes and stated "well, that is a big commitment" I was stunned, is not our commitment to Christ a big one? Deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him? She had also done a little part in our class and came to talk about the orphanage she visited. What I got from her lesson, of course I was listening with bias ears, was that the children in the orphanage pretty much have all they need, and they situation is better now than it was....blah blah blah. Oh well, I agree with your post and sad to see that it isn't just our congregation that is more obsessed wtih buying second homes on the nearby lake than they are with filling a need.

nates5bs said...

Amen! May our lives be our testimony, not just our words.