Monday, January 31, 2011

Be their example

We are constantly telling our children to share...

but we can not only tell them- we must show them...

by our example.

So share.

Show compassion.


Reach out.


If you are not willing to show them by your example- how will they learn?


One Day-One Lunch.

February 3rd-

Include your kids and teach them to think of others.

Let's do (without) lunch!!

"A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor." Proverbs 22:9

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Mandie said...

Thanks for rallying us all together for the Orphans. Feb 2nd will be my day to give up lunch.

Lexi said...

Thanks for this awesome reminder! Can't wait for Feb 3rd! =D

Unknown said...

You know we are joining you!

Love you!


Kristin Ferguson said...

We are so going to do this! I am so saddened when I see what we throw away from the fridge and what could be done with it in other countries. ugh! Thanks for this challenge!

Unknown said...

Amy... I just left an informational meeting on Orphan Care and I appreciate the "real" story of some of the challenges of adoption. specifically, adoptions through the foster care system. If you have the time I would appreciate a personal email (maybe not appropriate to post publicly) on foster care adoptions. Sorry to make this comment here I didn't see a button to send you an email. Thanks for all of your posts that keep propelling me forward in this process.

Krista said...

Thank you Addisyn for making the choice to make a difference.
Amy, your family has been a blessing in my life. Count us in -we will be sending a payment to the preschool. I read this to my 14 year old son and his response was "really cool".
Thanks for showing us an opportunity to give.
We appreciate your family !--krista