Sunday, October 24, 2010

The greatest kind of blessings

We have had an amazing past several days with all nine of my babies together under one roof. We love it when Travis gets to come home from college to visit. :) And to top that off- my parents from Illinois came to see us too. Nothing sweeter than being surrounded by those you love- I never want to take a minute of it for granted. We were sad today to see you leave but so thankful for the time we had with you. We love you all! Thank you for being in our lives.

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Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Looks like a *wonderful* family weekend! Full of love... and smiles! :)

erica said...

What a beautiful family! Blessings to you all!

Laurel said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Oh how I long to have all of my children in the same place ... for just 1 day. I thought it was going to happen for our wedding in December. But, alas, it doesn't look like Carissa will be able to come from Argentina. So sad!

Hopefully I'll have everyone together for a wedding or two next summer.

For Thanksgiving, though, we will have 10 of the 12 children together ... and 3 fiancees. Woo hoo! Can't wait!

Hope you are all doing well!

love ya,

Laurel :)

PS: I would so LOVE to have my dear husband meet ya'll, when we are in TX for the wedding. Any chance you could pop down to Houston for a day??? Dec. 15th or 16th would probably work best. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

Your children are so beautiful! I can't believe how big Havyn is getting! Not to mention she remains to be the cutest little one ever!

Hugs and much love!

Dardi said...

I am enjoying some time with my mom right now...she's here for new baby time, which is so nice. Glad you had a sweet weekend with all your treasures!

Donna said...

What a wonderful picture of your treasures.

So special to have them all home and so much harder to do as they get older.

Treasure the moments.

Delighting in Him

Shonni said...

Your family is so beautiful!!! Glad you had time with precious family!!

Andrea Hill said...

I am so happy for you. I like it too when my whole family is under one roof. That is the biggest blessing a mom can have.

~Jamie~ said...

I am always blessed to read your posts! Such a lovely famiy you have, glad you were able to spend time with them all!