Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Boss Your Heart

Heaven gained an angel of the greatest kind today. As many of you know- Chrissie Patterson went to dance with Jesus. I can only imagine that sweet smile on her face when she realizes how pleased Jesus is with her perfect heart.

The Lord gave us the privilege of meeting the Patterson family through a series of events- all of them surrounding this families incredible heart. I still to this day find it interesting how the word 'heart' has woven itself into the description of this family over and over without my even realizing it. You can read a post I wrote about Chrissie's big sister Mattie heart here.

A sweet blog reader decided instead of just following the Patterson's blog she wanted to do something. (thank you Rachael). Chrissie's precious mama had sat beside Chrissie's hospital bed one day and whispered into Chrissie's ear to 'boss her heart'. Chrissie did and we witnessed a miracle. So Rachael created a beautiful necklace that says "Boss your heart" (see below).

Because what we don't often realize is that each day we are given the chance to witness a miracle and 'boss our own hearts'.

The problem is... is that Satan is very sly and often when we are given the opportunity to 'boss our hearts' we chose instead to feel entitled to our feelings of:
self pity
boss us instead.

We remain stagnant, paralyzed- because we allow these feelings to consume us- and we become useless to God.

Instead of bossing our hearts and practicing grace and love to the person who cut us off in a line of traffic, we instead allow anger in our hearts and cuss them out instead.

Instead of bossing our hearts to practice grace and love to our spouse who once again forgot to take out the trash, we allow our hearts to grow bitter.

Instead of bossing our hearts to practice grace and love to a friend who spoke behind our backs, we allow our hearts to hold onto a grudge of unforgiveness for years.

Instead of bossing our hearts to open our home to a child with special needs, we instead let fear consume our hearts and we close the door to the possibility of loving someone less than perfect.

Instead of bossing our hearts- we waste our time doing things that are easy, things that are safe, things that are comfortable, things that are all about 'us'- all the time trying to justify to ourselves and to the world that they truly matter- when down deep we know they do not.

Today, I am making the decision in Chrissie's' memory to boss my heart every single minute of every single day. I am asking God to do a mighty work in my life. I am asking the Lord to help me be the boss of my heart. I am allowing Him to clean out the ugliness and renew it with a heart of love. I am asking Him to get rid of any traces of unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred, self pity, pride, prejudice and fear.

The Patterson family adopted Chrisse knowing there was a risk. Knowing that Chrissie's precious heart was sick, but saying yes to God simply because He asked.

Was there pain involved in that risk? Absolutely- more than you and I will probably ever know.

But in that pain was also more beauty than most of us will ever experience in a lifetime

And I know, without a shadow of a doubt that if you ask the Patterson's if it was worth it- hands down they would say YES.

For in true Jesus style, he used a child with a 'defective' heart- and allowed her to be more 'effective' than many of us who have healthy ones.

So my challenge for you today is to choose to become the boss of your heart.

Boss your heart and love the unlovable.

Boss your heart and forgive the unforgivable.

Boss and heart and say yes to Jesus no matter what the cost.

Boss your heart into reacting in LOVE every single time.

Take that leap of faith and be willing to hurt with those who are hurting.

Give until it hurts.

Love until your heart feels like it is going to be ripped out.

Make your days count- just like Chrissie did.

Patterson family, thank you for your amazing example of what I hope one day to be. Thank you for saying yes- and thank you for having the faith to do it. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of witnessing your miracle. Thank you for changing me, challenging me and teaching me what truly counts in this life. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Serbian Sensation with the world- her life changed ours.
We love you more than words can say.

If you would like to purchase your own "Boss your heart" necklace you can visit here. $30 of all proceed go to help the Patterson Family offset medical costs.

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Unknown said...


Praying for them and thanking God you live close enough to love on them for me!

Love you sweet friend!

Sean and Lisa said...

Perfect Amy! What a perfect tribute to a precious little girl!!

My life will never be the same either. This little girl infiltrated my heart and brought me to my knees in prayer over and over again. I am heart broken at this world's loss on her passing but know that she is lighting up Heaven with her smile and personality!

This will be my new slogan "Boss your heart"!

Much love!

Charlow Family said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I had to leave the room to read it because I knew it woul make me cry. Love you so much.
Mattie Patterson

Shonni said...

You wrote this out so well!

Stacy said...

Beautiful message!

Rachael. said...

I am just humbled to be a tool that God is using to bless this family for their servants hearts.

My heart has been broken the last few days as I read about others who are so selflessly giving of themselves.

No words...Lord I'm broken & Humbled.

Holly said...

No words. You said your so well.

Holly said...

Linked to your post. Hope it's okay.

Rachael. said...

Amy ~ I'm reading your blog and i'm a mess. Your family is just touching my heart...

This world is so big yet so small...

Jesus please guide me how to love like you.

Ephesians 5:2 His love was not cautious but extravagant .... i want that love!

It took a precious 4 year old to bring people together but I know she did it for a reason!

Amy I hope to chat sometime!

Angel said...

Tears streaming now... of course... Love you girl. Angel

Karin said...

Chrissie touched me so deeply. I will never forget her. Lorraine's Boss Your Heart post left a huge impression on my heart--as I'm sure it did on many others. I love how God tied it to all of us by what He put on Rachel's heart. And your post built on that. I love when God does that--although I'm still so heartbroken for Chrissie's family. At least seeing God at work brings much comfort.

Unknown said...

THANK you for sharing! I am terrified at what allowing God to boss my heart will mean, but I wouldn't want to miss it either!

Difference2This1 said...

Thank you for this post....summed up ways of putting some of the sadness of today into action pleasing to Him. God bless, Jennifer

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Well said, Amy! Thank you for the reminder... for it is so easy to allow the enemy to boss us around into feeling helpless.

My heart breaks for Chrissie's beauiful family. Praying for healing. Thankful that Chrissie suffers no more. The post yesterday about the flowing tears was difficult to read.

Love and blessings,

The Hull's at #4 said...

Thank you for your words Amy, you said everything I needed to hear!

BrandiB said...

I love the words you have written. Keep us thinking and striving for better....

Bill and Christina said...

Thank you for this post!