Monday, April 5, 2010

YOU can help be the change

Out of all of the places we visited while in Ethiopia there was one place touched my heart more than any of the others...

There was just something about this place that makes you see life a whole lot differently.

Something about this place that I cannot get out of my mind.

Something about this place that I don't ever want to forget.

That I can't forget.

Because it's too important to them.
This place is Adami Tulu Nursery School- and before I went to Ethioipia, I had no idea it even existed. It's funny how God works because several months ago the Lord paved a path for me to meet a couple of people who work for Lifesong for Orphans. I know many of you have heard of Lifesong, most likely while you were frantically searching for adoption grants and loans :0) They have been such an amazing resource for helping families be able to bring their adopted children home. But what many of you might not know is the heart and soul that is goes into the work Lifesong does. I had no idea- until I had the privilege of meeting Andy Lehman and getting to know him and Christi Ucherek. Over the months I have learned about the heart that beats behind this ministry and have been blown away by how authentic and how passionate both Andy and Christi truly are about orphans and about the Lord.

And then, God took me to Adami Tulu Nursery School while in Ethiopia and I fell completely in love with this little preschool and all it represents. I wish you could have been there and I wish you could have seen. Then you would know exactly what I am talking about and you too would be doing all you could to make things different for them.
Often times we want to do something. We want to do more- but we just don't know how. Well, here is your chance- and, it's SO EASY. If you have a blog would you be willing to help spread the word? Would you be willing to put a Lifesong badge on your blog or else blog about what Lifesong is doing there? If you don't have a blog- start one! :0) We need to get the word out. $3.00 feeds a child in Ethiopia for one month. $3.00!!!! That is it to change a life.
I saw it guys. I saw it with my own eyes. We hugged the kids. We talked to them. We played with them. We looked them right in the eyes and I promise you I saw Jesus in each and every one of them. They need a chance. We cannot forget them. They need YOU to help spread the word. They are there- and they need our help and our support. They need this education. They need nutrition. They need hope and you and I can help give it to them.

If you would be willing (and I'm begging you here) to help get the word out on some projects Lifesong is doing on a quarterly basis you can email Christi at and she will get the information to you. Thanks for making a difference.
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Christi said...

Thank you so much for getting the word out... for your advocacy... and for your heart to be Jesus to these children!

You're amazing and you inspire us each day!

Christi & The Lifesong team!

trustandobey said...

I will add the badge if I can just figure out how.
What a group of beautiful faces!

Unknown said...

Added my badge just now!!

Hope things are going well for you!!


Mary Ann said...

Wow you all are amazing!!! I am still praying the Lord has it in his will for us to adopt one more! I would love to adopt from Ethopia! Stop by and visit our blog sometime. Blessings ;0)

Mary Ann said...

Btw.... your little one is precious!!!!

Kendra said...

adding badge now....thanks for the reminder!

Debbie Doughty said...

For some reason I'm not getting the picture when I try and add the badge. I know how to do this so I think it must be blogger's fault, lol. I'll try again later. Thanks for sharing this.

Kristy said...

badge added! :)

Amy said...

Contacted Lifesong and have their info up and running on my blog- thanks Amy! You're awsome! God Bless!
<>< AMY