Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just because they are only kids once

I love my kids. I love how they can take a plain 'ol dinner and turn it into something special. Last night for dinner we added some of this fun and creativity and had "Pancakes and Pretend" night. We ate a mound full of pancakes, laughed ourselves silly and everyone (including mom and dad) dressed up and pretended they were something they were not. It was my pleasure to dine with the cutest cowboy (on a horse no less) a strong army man, a beautiful dancer, a sweet princess, and an adorable cheerleader. (Along with their handsome daddy and awesome big brothers and sisters).
Miss Havyn- sporting her cheerleader Build a Bear outfit and her "bling" pacifier-( hand crafted by her big sister Addisyn).
And I think she might just be trying to do the splits?
My handsome cowboy...
Our delicious pancakes...
My cute boys enjoying their pancakes...with their pink tea cups no less.

Sweet sisters... the inspiration behind it all.
Thank you sweet babies for always making my life so much fun. I adore you all.
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Unknown said...


I adore you!

The children are all so precious - goodness that Havyn is GORGEOUS!!!!

Kiss them all for me today :-)


Sophie said...

Oh so sweet, great idea the kids look like they had fun. What an adorable bunch you've got Amy.

And Haven is the cutest little cheerleader I've ever seen!

Blessings :)

Gretchen said...

They are all so cute, but that Havyn is just gorgeous in that picture! What a beautiful group of kiddos you have. But I tell you that all the time, don't I?

Andrea Hill said...

You crack me up! Where did you get that cheer outfit for Havyn? It is so cute. I bet you used to be a cheerleader.. I know the kids are such a blessing and they can turn anything into amazing.

Unknown said...

Too too Cute! Love fun nights like that!

Theo and Lisa said...

Hi Amy, You are such an inspiration to me! My adoption journey has been so emotional. At times we have felt that we can’t go on. We find ourselves in a perpetual state of “wait” and I personally don’t do “waiting” real well. I trust God, and looking back on my life, He has ALWAYS had a plan, better than any plan I could imagine. I just wanted you to know that I prayed for your family today. You give me hope through your faith.

May God continue to bless you,

Lisa Wheeler

Laurel said...

What fun!

LOVE the cheerleader outfit! Too funny!


Laurel :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

OK so we officially want to meet your family! How beautiful & FUN! Hey if you have to walk on your knees - you might as well do it all with a smile :)

BrandiB said...

What a fun night and a fun memory I'm sure they will always remember!

natali said...

so sweet! looks like you guys had bunches of fun!

Kristie O'Leary said...

Hey, we just designed a t-shirt for African orphan awareness. If you know of anyone interested can you pass them along to our blog. Thanks so much!

Kristie, Knoxville, TN

PS. I always enjoy your encouraging words!

Christi said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Love it!

rachellechaseblog said...

havyn in the cheerleader outfit is probably one of the cutest pictures i have EVER SEEN!!