Friday, January 8, 2010

The invitation

I received the most wonderful invitation today- it was to Mattie’s birthday party. You know 'Mattie with the amazing heart' Mattie? Anyway- I received an invitation to her birthday party and once again I was blown away by God. I don’t know why I am constantly blown away. I guess it’s just that I know that there is no way humanly possible that I can ever predict God.

And I love that.

Love that He always holds the ace.

Loves that He always has something better than anything I could ever have dream of myself.

Mattie is not having your typical 12 year old birthday party- because Mattie is wise beyond her years. Her birthday party is not about presents, balloons and a birthday cake. Instead she is inviting everyone she knows to come celebrate- life.

The life that God gives us.

The life that God gives us- so that we can give it back to Him.

No presents for Mattie. She requested nothing for herself. Only donations to go towards giving a child a chance at life.

And then I got to thinking about how in awe I am of God that I was invited to this celebration of life for a child I only met a couple of weeks ago. A child who I would have never even known existed had I not said yes to God- and had Mattie not of done the same thing.

And then I got to thinking even further about how every day we receive an invitation from God.
God invites us to celebrate the life He has given us. The life that He created for us- with a specific purpose.

Yet so often we are too busy to respond to His invitation.

Too often we have other plans- Our own.

I had no idea the day we said yes to God and started saving for our Ethiopian adoption that a single donor would step up and say Yes to God too.

I had no idea that Mattie Patterson even existed- or that her answer too would be yes.

I had no idea because God’s plans are always better than any we could ever imagine for ourselves.

There was just no way I could have guessed, no way I could have seen this coming. No way I could have planned any of this. Only God.

It's all God.

So, how about you?

Did you RSVP?
He is waiting… and all you have to do is say yes Lord.

It’s okay if you don’t have any gifts to bring.

It’s okay if you have nothing fancy to wear.

It’s okay if you are not prepared.
He's got all the preparations covered.

Just say yes. - and then enjoy the celebration of your life time.

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Kendra said...

Beautiful, Amy.

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Amy, your blog posts are always amazing! I love how God always has you bring it all back to Him. Well done, good and faithful servant! We hope y'all are able to journey to the party, but please know that we completely understand if you're not able to.

Unknown said...



Love it!

Hugs Amy! I love you!

Kim said...

Yes, Lord!

BrandiB said...

It's amazing to see the Lord in our everyday lives when we least expect it. Great post!

natali said...

Beautiful post, Amy! I know I'm saying "Yes, GOD!"

Unknown said...

I see Jesus in you, Amy. Love you.

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful way with words.I am so glad I said yes to the Lord 38 years ago.I am compelled to say yes to Him everyday in my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.What a blessing Maddie is and such a sweet giving heart.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Just read the last 2 posts.....and WOW God is sooo good.....I am blown away....and in AWE- PRAISING JESUS!

Holly said...

Yes. Your Will be done Lord.

whenpigsfly said...

YES Lord Yes Lord YES YES LORD AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God is so so so good and so faithful all the time, surely "all my love is due Him"!!!

Sara Beth said...

So well written! Can't you just see Him handwriting each invitation? Each one is so unique, how He woo's us to Himself. Man, I can never get enough of Him, never want to get enough of Him!

So once again ... today i say ... YES LORD!

Sophie said...

Beautifully written Amy!! It truly is amazing how God orchestrates everything, and how through the tender and willing heart of a child He accomplishes His will.

What a blessing Mattie and you both are to those who know you, and even to those who don't know you personally.

Kimmie said...

And He will certainly allow her life to shine brightly for Him. He will certainly continue to use her life, as she has an unselfish heart ...may BIG Kingdom business be done through her Lord!

And we say Yes too Lord. Help us to not be self focused, but YOU focused, all ways.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Lisa H. said...

Everytime I read a post like this one from you, I celebrate with you, and I'm encouraged in my own faith as I get to see what God is doing with your decision to STILL trust HIM, despite the pain you've experienced!

Love you and so blessed to share in your life!

Renea Lynch said...

Our lives cannot be described in words when we say YES!!! I love your heart Amy! ♥

Just a little PS... with your circle of influence can you please share my link. After the disaster in Haiti yesterday we are left to wonder about friends and family. Please pray with us. God Bless!

darci said...