Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cool stuff- great cause. How can you resist?

A cool friend of mine, HollyAnn, who also happens to have a really cool job as the executive director of Addy's Hope is selling these awesome t-shirts to raise funds to go on a missions trip at the end of the month to Liberia. (So don't wait!!)
How awesome to support a good cause and be able to own one of these!! (you aren't going to find these on the rack at Walmart that is for sure!) I know as the mommy of a multiracial family we pretty much get stares every time we go out. I realize that when we chose to adopt children of a different race God was asking us to be a 'walking example' of His love for all to see. Some days though we are busy and don't have time to answer question after question-(as in "Are they all yours?" and "Are you a daycare?" ETC, ETC) So I'm thinking this shirt might just do the trick! ;0) Want one??
Be blessed. Be a blessing.


Andrea Hill said...

Got to get one... Just love it. What a statement with me being the token child in my family:)

TracyC said...

How cool is that?!

HollyAnn said...

Thank you, sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

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