Friday, May 13, 2011

Quick update

This past week has been a whirlwind- we had limited Internet all last week as we moved into our temporary rental and then blogger was down. I missed you guys!!
I wish I had time to write a polished post and somehow try to find the words to tell you all how much we appreciate your support... but because we have another busy weekend ahead I am just going to jump on here and say it as it comes off the top of my head...


Thank you so much for 'Backing us Blocks'. We are so beyond blessed by your prayers, support, words of encouragement, shared experiences and friendship. We cannot wait to get to know each and every one of you better and we are so grateful that you are on our team. If you signed up as a monthly supporter we will not have your contact information until the first support has been made and cleared- so I may not know who you are just yet. But as soon as we do you will be hearing from us and thanked properly. For now- thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We truly couldn't do our part in going without you doing your part in sending. I cannot wait to be able to tell you about the lives YOU change/touch through your sacrifice.

Lorraine- I cannot even begin to thank you enough for what you did for our family in starting this blitz... and what you did for the children in Guatemala... and what you did for God. You truly are the picture perfect example of living for Him in so many ways. Thank you for taking the pain you endured in loosing your beautiful daughter and caring on her legacy through reaching out to other orphans. I love you my sweet friend and because of the way you choose to live your life- I am forever changed. You inspire me to be so much more than I am and you give me the courage to keep moving forward. There are no words to say thank you enough.

And thank you to ALL of you who helped spread the word, put our badge on your blog, wrote posts and worked hard to help us be able to go. We appreciate you more than words can say.We are so blessed because God put you in our lives!!!

 Thank you again!!!

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Lund7 said...

Your family is amazing and so is the work you will be able to do in Guatemala! We are thrilled to help out in a small way. I wonder, too, if we might be able to meet up with you while you are down there. We have always wanted to go back there and who knows, it may work out to be down there when you are. I will be following your journey! Blessings! Have a wonderful weekend...we are off to Special Olympics!

Lorraine, AKA Forever Blessed said...

Oh, Amy, I just love you. It was (and is) absolutely my pleasure to come alongside your family in whatever way possible to help you get to Guatemala. Y'all are such a blessing to us (and countless others), and we love you dearly. Y'all are such an incredible testimony for God's glory, and it's an honor and privilege to support your family. It's so hard to ask others to help US, but it's so much easier to ask others to help SOMEONE ELSE. While you are on the receiving end of this blitz, you are on the giving end of God's mission. You are simply receiving in order to give. Kind of like your pass it forward fund! People are investing into your lives as you pass forward God's Good News, His mercy and love and compassion, as you serve as His hands and feet in Guatemala. We are blessed to call you our friends. Love you!