Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To our Adoption Donor

Because of you -today I was able to hear this baby girl’s laughter.

Because of you -today I was able to sing to her, rock her and tell her how loved she is.

Because of you- one day I will watch her take her first step.

Because of you- one day I will kneel beside her bed and listen to her bedtime prayers.

Because of you- one day I will take her hand and walk her into her kindergarten class.

Because of you- one day I watch her discoverer her strengths and her weaknesses.

Because of you- one day I will watch her drive a car for the very first time.

Because of you- one day I will watch her walk across the stage and receive her diploma.

Because of you- one day I will watch her take her groom by the arm and say I do.

Because of you- one day I will hold her babies and tell them their mommy's story...

Her story that YOU are a huge part of.

Her story that wouldn’t be the same with you.

Her story that became a part of who she is- because of who you chose to be.

Every day is a chance for us to be someone’s hero. Thank you for being ours.

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Chantelle said...

*sniff* Beautiful, Amy.

(and btw, Havyn is about the most angelic looking little being I've ever laid eyes on)

Anonymous said...

We too thank you donors for giving us this adorable, precious little grand daughter. She will be very loved (and probably spoiled) by all her family.

Havyns maternal grandparents

Recovering Noah said...

Oh my. She's just the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on!

And what a beautiful post, Amy!

Will try to give you a call tomorrow morning.

Leslie :-)

Unknown said...

Oh my word! That little angel is GORGEOUS and BREATHTAKING!

I too thank your adoption donors and praise God they heard His call and answered with a YES LORD!

Love you precious friend so much!


Amy said...

So sweet. I love that new picture. She is simply precious!!

Tracy said...

Wow... what beautiful words to match such a beautiful little girl! You have been blessed on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

so sweet

Andrea Hill said...

I know you are so thankful. What a beautiful letter to your donor! Havyn's dress is so stunning.

Unknown said...


Thank you for reminding me today that there are people out there that have a heart for adoption.

When we sent our adoption letter out (with hesitation) we knew that God would provide. There has been negative feedback but God continues to provide in His time!

Havyn is beautiful...beyond words!!!


And to your have not only affected the Blocks but others as well!

Renee said...

Precious and WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

Amen and gorgeous!


Live to love and laugh said...

So beautiful and so true!

LA.BFF. said...

Hi! My name is Lindsay Svehla, and I’ve been addicted to your blog. You’re such an inspiration to me and I hope to one day to have a family like yours. God has put on the hearts of my best friend and me to help orphans in Ethiopia. I was just wondering if you knew of any organization or people we could get in contact with about setting up a mission trip next summer. We’re really excited to see what God has planned for us, and our church has graciously supported us in funding. Thanks for all your help, and God bless your family.

Love in Christ,
Lindsay Svehla

Sophie said...

What a beautiful expression of gratitude. Truly a blessing that God provided a donor who stepped out in faith and because of this persons faithfulness and obedience this angelic girl will be given so many opportunities. Amy, I believe the Lord has big and special plans for this child.
Please keep posting pictures, she's breathtaking!!

Unknown said...

What an absolute Princess, created by the King of Kings! She is adorable and a true gift from God. What a blessing to have such amazing donors that give with an open heart to bless so many!

Mary Ann said...

Amazing! She is a little princess!

Unknown said...

We are currently in the process of saving money for an adoption, and praying for a miracle that it doesn't take us years and years and years to save this money. This post brought tears to my eyes. What a precious gift!

Pedro and Felis Patlan said...

Beautiful and what a blessing!

Jennie Allen said...

Yes!! We just opened our adoption fund at our church in Austin as several of us await our kids from all over! Mine from Rwanda!

Mrs. Michelle said...

The sacrifices and choices that we make are a blessing to others. I am so thankful to be able to share a small part of this blessing in your life.

May your donors be blessed beyond comprehension!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN- she is just soo gorgeous...I think she should meet up with Joanna....they would totally steal the show!!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Amen! Beautifully written for an absolutely stunning baby!


Julie said...

What a beauty! We have an Ethiopian princess through cci as well. God is so good!:0)