Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have you ever felt like you couldn't get enough of something? Like no matter how much you tried - it was just never enough?

That is how I feel about Jesus.

More than anything in this world-I desire to get to know him more.

More of Him and less of me.

Except for the problem is the "ME" keeps getting in the way of experiencing more of Him.

The "Me" that lives in this world- often finds myself following 'it' instead of Him.

For quite some time now I have had this burning desire to go to Africa- and somehow I know that this desire to go there and the desire to get to know more of Jesus somehow fit together.

It is something that I cannot even explain.

I don't know what it is about Africa- I mean, I have never even been there and to be honestly, I don't even know THAT much about Africa. But none the less, that is how I feel- and it's a feeling that will not go away.

Africa seems like such a different world. A world where perhaps it won't be so easy to be caught up in our face paced society that seems to be dying to have more, do more, be more- at any cost.

A place where perhaps- I will be able to get to experience Jesus in a different way.

But whatever the reason-God has been calling me there, and I know there is a missing part of me that is there- and waiting.

And I cannot wait to go.

I cannot wait to meet the part of Africa that the Lord has placed on my heart so deeply.

So in a few short weeks, me, my daughter Addisyn, and my good friend from church, (Hi Michelle!!) are going to be getting on a plane and heading to Africa. We are planning on visiting a few different orphanages and also meeting up with some missionaries in Ziway who we were introduced to through Lifesong for orphans. (We adore Lifesong for orphans!!)

I have no question that this trip will be life changing in so many ways... because I know without a doubt I will be bringing home a very special part of Africa with me. A part of something God has planned just for me. A part of something that I needed to be complete.

Isn't it funny how you can miss a place where you have yet to be?

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natali said...

You stole the words right out of my mouth :))
I miss Africa every day it seems. Hopefully, I'm going to go to West Africa this summer for a couple of months, and I am so deeply in love with the idea that GOD is there waiting for me, and is going to say, "Finally, you took that step of faith. I'm here. I've been waiting all along - telling you this is what is in my plan for you right now. I'm glad you decided that you think I'm all you need. I've always been that. And you'll never need anything else."

Anonymous said...

Omg that is awesome!! Hopefully one day I too will be able to go to Africa. I just love how you take the words strait out of my mouth in every blog post Amy! Wow! Girl, you have a way with words!
Mattie patterson

From Diapers To Dorms said...

This post truly speaks to my heart. I feel the same way and I am praying that I am able to serve in Africa someday. -Angela

Dardi said...

Praying for your trip...I will be there in spirit!!

Hugs ~ Dardi

Melinda said...

Love this post and your heart! This is my prayer as well! I will be praying for your time in Africa and praying that God does some amazing things through you!!!!

Lisa H. said...

Sooooo excited for you! Can't wait to hear all about the part of Africa God is waiting to share with you! I just WISH I were going...Maybe you can bring back a little Africa to share with me? Hugs!

Anonymous said...

going to be a great trip! so excited for you and sweet addie! can't wait for you to come home and share some of your experiences from Africa with us! Been there...fabulous place with such beautiful, joyful people! have a wonderful time! love you guys~ heather

Audrey said...

Oh, I am so jealous. I was just thinking earlier today how much I miss Africa. How is it that a place that I visited for two short weeks tugs at my heart nearly every day? I think it's the amazing lovely people of Africa that I miss. You will love it there and they will love you. Have a blessed trip!!!

Christi said...

Praying for your trip, your family, your little girl, Addisyn, your time with G & P in Ziway!

Can't wait to hear about it!

And, as always.. thanks for the kind words about Lifesong!

-Christi @ Lifesong

Stori said...

Oh Amy, it will change your life. And will tug at your heart even more after your trip. I am still trying to take in everything I experienced and trying to figure out how to do something, how to make a difference in all of the devastation there.
But in the middle of all the devastation I found God. I found true happiness among some of the poorest. I loved the simplicity of Africa. One particular family we met was willing to give as much as they have and their joy poured out of them. I remember these people and just pray for guidance to be more like them and for guidance as to what I am to do now.