Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My stuff

Passports X 11
Garage sale
after garage sale
after garage sale.
(Cause you can't take it with you when you go)
Upcoming High School graduation
Support raising
Homeschooling lessons
Mission training
Business trip
House appraisal
Last post placement visit
House inspection
Car problems
Doctors appointments
Graduation invitations
9 children

Some days I feel like I am sinking.

More than once I have found myself stopping to ask Why God?

Why did you think I could handle this?

And then I am reminded that

they too are probably asking the same question...

And my stuff doesn't seem quite so stressful any more.

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Dardi said...

Breathe in & breathe out. Ok, good. Now, that is quite a list, but it's full of many things to enjoy & opportunities for memories to be made. So, go ahead & check off the chores as you get to them, but be sure & live in the moments of all the good stuff. You'll get to where you're going, one step at a time. :o)

And you're allowed to acknowledge that your "stuff" can feel a bit stressful. We are only human, after all! Love you!!

the Philpots said...

Suddenly my stress and busyness doesn't seem like a drop in the bucket! Yikes!! I'll be praying for you guys. Praise the Lord you'll be leaving all the STUFF behind, Lord willing, later on this year!!

valerie in TX said...

You are so right. I feel like that about my big long list, too, and I so much need to constantly, constantly be reminded that my stuff is nothing.

My heart cries out to help these precious little ones in this photo. These exact ones. Is this photo from a specific place where we can help ministry that is taking place?

Danae Hudson said...

I remember helping my parents get rid of everything when they were preparing to sell their house and move. It was amazing, how easy it was to just get rid of so much STUFF. How much we had thought those things matter and how easy it was to give away. When I got the things out of storage 4 years later, I looked at the things I had saved and thought, "And now what do I do with this?"

Good luck and God's blessings in all you do before you leave :)

Unknown said...

humbling and so true!


love you,

Rachel H. said...

In my point of view as a kid, my life is pretty stressful for me as well :)!

But as you said, when I look at this picture, I can see piles of stress sitting on the hands of those poor kids who need shelter, clothes, food, water, and most likely, many more.

Those kids need someone, and someday I REALLY want to be like you and help them to find the kind of family they need!! :)

Intentional Living Homestead said...

THANK YOU for sharing this post. Something that was needed for me today. After the comments left on my blog and the feelings attached to that, you have brought me back to reality.

This is my passion...this is how I feel and it doesn't matter what others say because God knows my heart.

And I am so thrilled that your family is doing exactly what you are called to do...the same way our family is doing what we are called to do.

Blessings and know we are praying.


Kendra said...

so true, Lisa. thanks for the reminder. :0)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for Strength!!!

Christi said...

Praying for you, sweet friend! Put your trust in JESUS... that list is a piece of cake to HIM!

Amber said...

And while you are MOVING...I sit here staring at that picture and thinking...

Where does He want me and my family?

And I hurt because I DON'T KNOW.


Debbie Doughty said...

My prayer for you and your family, dear sister... Dear Father, I have heard of the love this dear sister and her family have for you in the Spirit. Please fill them with the knowledge of your will through all the wisdom and understanding that your Holy Spirit gives, so they may please you in every way. Please give them a peace that passes all understanding during this stressful, but exciting time in their lives. May they bear much fruit in every good work (big & small), growing in their relationship to you. Please strengthen them with ALL POWER according to your GLORIOUS MIGHT so that they may have GREAT ENDURANCE and patience. May they give joyful thanks to you, Father, because you have qualified them to share in the inheritance of your holy people in the kingdom of light! May we all live lives worthy of our Lord, Amen.

Chantelle said...


Our family: said...

I too am often overwhelmed with the busyness of homeschooling, children, housekeeping, ministries, and life. Thank you for reminding us to keep our perspectives clear. We have so much to be thankful for and so many we need to pray for and help.

Claire Boggs said...

You know I've had a motto for years. "I can do anything for 24 hours" That statement changes into week, and years, you can do it. We are not given any more than we can handle.

PTL ! your are almost there !