Thursday, November 26, 2009

We need YOUR help!

Right now many of us are on the hunt for the perfect gift to give. I've got it right here for you- a gift with a purpose.

These Scentsy candles are seriously awesome. Not only are they pretty, but they are safe (no flame needed) and smell great. But the best part is right now 25% of all sales go towards the Pass It Forward Adoption Fund.

I need your help!!

Please, please (I'm begging you, please) consider purchasing one of these candles if you are looking to buy a gift. A child is waiting and to them this is a gift that will make all the difference in their world.

1.Go to
2. Click on "Pay it forward Adoption party" under Jenny and Brian's picture.
3. Go shopping!
(Please don't order any Christmas warmers...a lot are on back order and probably won't be in by Christmas).
If orders are in by Dec. 5th they will be delivered before Dec. 25th.

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Unknown said...

I love buying stuff for me to help other people. LOL just kidding, kinda, placed an order for ya!

Renea Lynch said...

These are seriously awesome little suckers!!! I just got one for myself and one for a friend from a party where I live. We talked to our hostess about a fundraiser too! I would love to have one of these for every single room in my house!!! Best candle/wax warmer I've ever had!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with this fundraiser it should be awesome for you!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Just ordered several for teacher gifts! Always give a gift to teachers that support adoption and or orphans! Thanks for the opportunity. I hear they are great!!!

valerie in TX said...

Amy, is it too late to participate in the fund-raising party with Scentsy? I know it's past the deadline to get it in time for Christmas, but I clicked on the link today (12/7) and there is nothing on the site that says Pay it Forward Adoption Party...?