Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Candy Land with Jesus

Aleigha- "Mom will you play candyland with me?"

Me- "Sure Aleigha but can Kaden play too?"

Aleigha- "yes, you and Kaden can be on a team and me and Jesus can be on a team."

Me- "but I want to be on Jesus' team too."

Aleigha- "Okay mom He can be on both of our teams because we both need Him to win".

How did one four -year -old little girl get so smart?


The Engelhardt 4 said...

Woohoo Aleigha!! Perryn says amazing thing like that too...for example, "Mom, you know that God and Jesus are the same person." like 'duh' don't you know anything??!!

Michelle Riggs said...

I love it when kids truly get it. You are doing a wonderful job raising your children.

Jenny said...

Aleigha!!!! Girl..you are smarter than 90% of adults out there!!!! Love you! Titi