Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've got to be honest here- I'm really not into sports. But, when my boys play- you couldn't keep me away! School may not have started here yet- but the football season has! Last night we had our first game and all of us loved cheering on our boys! Travis and Keegan both play Varsity and they are both kickers. Travis kicks the field goals and Keegan does kick offs. We are so proud of them both! We won the game last night 28 to zero! GO FOXES!!!!

Tailgating before the game

3 Excited little Fox fans!!

Travis and team during the National Anthem

Keegan kicking off

Travis kicking the extra point

Kaden wishing he could be out on that field (thank goodness for fences!)

Kaden giving the Fox high fives

Kallan watching his big brothers play

Aleigha practicing her cartwheels

Mya, Travis, Kaden, Keegan and Aleigha after the big win!

My personal favorite part of the night... parents, siblings, players, cheerleaders, and coaches holding hands together in a circle across the entire football field thanking our Lord for a safe game and to remind us that He is more important than any game, any talent, or any win.


Elizabeth said...

That is so cool about praying around the field!! You got some great pictures of the kids too!! I love the one with Kaden standing at the fence!!!!

Have a great and safe football season!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures. Kallan looked so cute. So happy for he boys and how wonderful that they pray together. Wish they would do that in Illinois. Keep that camera going.

M abd D

Angel said...

Those pictures look AWESOME!!!! LOVE THEM! :0) Angel

Jenny said...

I wish I were there!!!!!!!!!! Love you all! Titi

Michelle Riggs said...

Wonderful pictures. I would have loved to be at the game.

Miss you guys. Abby loves seeing pictures of you and your family. Thank for all of your help.

Jman's momma said...

Sawyer and I LOVE going to Baba's games:) Sawyer makes it really fun for me. He really gets into it and he loves the band and our band ROCKS!! This season will be a little more special too I think.

Great pictures!!!