Saturday, May 10, 2008


Tonight was prom night at our High School. The first prom Travis has ever gone to and the first prom for us to experience as parents. (I'll tell you that it's a lot more fun being the kid going then the parent at home worrying!) Travis and his girlfriend Cayley looked so adorable and bless their hearts- they put up with me armed with CAMERA! We had our own little photo session here at home (hey with the cost of prom now-a-days we can atleast forgo the pictures at the prom and do our own!) Praying for a safe, fun night for all!


Live to love and laugh said...

Girl I feel your pain. Travis is so handsome and his date is beautiful. I sure hope they had a good time. It isn't as much fun being the parent as you sit home and worry about your child making it home safely though.

Anonymous said...

Wow how cute are they? Trav looks like a young Elvis Presley (except better) and Cayley is darling. Wish I could have seen them in person though.


Jenny said...

Oh my both are adorable!!!!! I love the one where Cayley's hiding behind him! So cute!!!!

Debbie T said...

Hi Amy,
Travis is so handsome and his girl is cute too! It was nice of them to appease you and allow the photo shoot - your pics turned out great! I hope they had a wonderful time and got home safely. :) DebbieT

Angel said...

OH MY WORD!!! How cute are they???? ADORABLE! You did a great job with the photos. Angel

Recovering Noah said...

They are so cute!!! I love those pictures. Are you making copies for Cayley's mom? I love the design on the bottom of her dress.

We're cleaning our garage out today and I found my old prom pictures. Let's just say that I cringed at the site of my dress and my 10 inch high hair. Today's fashions are sooooo much cuter!!

Hope they had a good time!