Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1st post placement visit

Today our caseworker came out for Kaden's first post placement visit. It went really well and she told me she was blown away at how much he had already bonded to us. He of course put on the charm for her (that's my boy) but there was no way he was going to let her get too close to him either. He is definitely a mama's boy. I am so proud of my little man and we are crazy in love with this precious child! We feel really blessed to be working with such an amazing agency- they truly care about these children they serve. She told me what a huge need there is for foster/adoptive families right now- and how so many times she has seen other children come through the system who would flourish in a good family-but there are just not enough out there. If God has ever spoken to you and put fostering or adopting in your heart- I beg you to take that first step... you will never, ever regret it.

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Live to love and laugh said...

How True! God is so amazing. He knows what we need even before we realize what we want! It looks like a lovely piece of property.